Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth!!!


Check out the new trailer to ‘Zombieland,’ right here, that was released today! This film stars such actors as Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, Amber Heard, Bill Murray and directed by Ruben Fleischer. I believe this is a rejuvenation of what a good zombie movie can be that brings people to the theaters. The last good zombie flick I have seen that I have wanted to go out of my way to see was the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ remake and ‘Shaun of the Dead.’ With ‘Zombieland,’ it looks like it could be the next big zombie zom/com. Parts of the trailer could take a bit of ‘Left 4 Dead’ influence along with ‘Dawn of the Dead’ humor; all they need is Ving Rhames……… With laughs, scares, action and gore what else could you ask for in this October 9th movie.

The Bayformers Are Done! (Updated)


TotalFilm has reported that the Baydomonium is over! He has thrown in the towel and will not be doing Transformers 3. The little guy must be a little upset because he claims, “They (the critics) review me before they’ve even seen the movie.” Poor Mr. Bay, maybe we’ll get a Transformers movie that sticks to plot and has a good/real Transformers story. We can finally leave the plot holes, robot testies, robots peeing, retardobots, car commercial filming and whack stories behind us as this marks a tremendous day in history. I’m sure the geewhuners are rioting in the streets in celebration and harmony.……

Update, unfortunately Mr. Bay responds back on his website saying, “Hah, love press how they spin. Never said it – just wanted a vacation is more to the point. And no I don’t read the good or the bad reviews.”

It’s a Disaster Out There – 2012 Trailer


Probably the largest disaster movie to date, 2012, will be coming out this November Friday 13th, ooooooh. This crazy flick is directed by disaster movie guru Roland Emmerich, Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. This film stars John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton and Oliver Platt. Continue reading

It's Alive………!!! (Oh this is my 100th post!)

Here we go now. First you think it’s a harmless 1:1 full scale model. Next there are lights flashing all over it. And now it’s moving, moving. Ok, it’s just the head, but lets face it, soon it will be the arms next week and the week after that the legs. Only time will tell how farm this Gundam will go, next stop space colonies and beyond!

Olivia Munn Takes on the Man


The beloved Olivia Munn, God’s gift to nerds, has dropped the bomb on everyone. She recently told sources that she was in two movies, one ‘Date Night’ with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey, the other she could not say due to contract. But now she is able to let the secret out and the word is – ‘Iron Man 2!’ What part she is playing, no clue, but only time will tell.

Funny Viral People

Judd Apatow and friends must be having fun with ‘Funny People’ and its marketing process. First a site based off a faux Tv high school show with Bo Burnham and now a new website. This website displays the character George Simmons (Adam Sandler). This website features all of his past and current work. It also has a short biography of the character to get a feel of who Simmons is. Check out his website here: George-Simmons and also check out the clip from Simmon’s movie ‘Sayonara Davey!’ with Ken Jeong below. I love viral marketing!