The Bayformers Are Done! (Updated)



TotalFilm has reported that the Baydomonium is over! He has thrown in the towel and will not be doing Transformers 3. The little guy must be a little upset because he claims, “They (the critics) review me before they’ve even seen the movie.” Poor Mr. Bay, maybe we’ll get a Transformers movie that sticks to plot and has a good/real Transformers story. We can finally leave the plot holes, robot testies, robots peeing, retardobots, car commercial filming and whack stories behind us as this marks a tremendous day in history. I’m sure the geewhuners are rioting in the streets in celebration and harmony.……

Update, unfortunately Mr. Bay responds back on his website saying, “Hah, love press how they spin. Never said it – just wanted a vacation is more to the point. And no I don’t read the good or the bad reviews.”

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