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(This review contains minor spoilers)

Trekkies rejoice! Star Trek reignites the fire that is the Star Trek franchise. J.J. Abrams – the king of modern nerds – has createda wild ride back into Starfleet Academy where it all began. Performances by Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Eric Bana make you believe in the characters and bring you to a world that only few love, opening up the Trek universe to a more mainstream audience. The epic tales of James T. Kirk and Spock may now be enjoyed by those who didn’t even like Star Trek in the first place.

I find it very hard to believe that this story was written by the same minds who wrote Transformers and Revenge of the Fallen. From the dialogue to the whole development of the story, everything about this Star Trek makes it a fantastic experience; especially the actors who are spot on when it comes to portraying the original actors.

Beginning to end, Star Trek engulfs audiences in Gene Roddenberry’s future. It has everything you could want from a Star Trek film, from its famous one-liners – “I’m giving her everything she’s got captain” – to it’s promiscuous captain. The thing is, this isn’t your parent’s Star Trek. Kurtzman and Orci have pulled a Back to the Future creating a whole new timeline. Things will forever be different in the space time continuum as this Star Trek delves down a different path of time for the Enterprise crew. But with a new time line comes great new adventures.

This movie brings excitement, fun, laughter, and anything you could possibly want out of a movie. This will probably be the untouched movie of the Summer as it brings a lot to the table. Star Trek is compelling, the acting is great, and has brought Star Trek to the front line in pop culture. Fear no more Trekkies as you are now top of the mountain and may rule the lands without fear of  bullying. This is one movie you cannot miss even if you have shunned Star Trek in the past, prefer the “Force,” or don’t even know what I am talking about.

Grade: B+

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