T-He: Fight Club Reinvisioned By Senior Citizens and Jane Austen


One could agree, that David Fincher’s Fight Club is one of the greatest achievements in cinematic history, but then again others could turn that argument right back in your face. I am in between. I think it is a little overrated, but is still a great film. I think it’s just all those stupid tools who live and die by this movie, just like The Big Lebowski or The Boondock Saints that make me not love the films as much as I should. But I digress, Break.com created an amazing parody of the famous film with a senior citizen twist. And on the other end, some ladies at TwoTurntablesNMic’s YouTube channel created another parody based off the work and time period of Jane Austen. Check them out after the break!

Break’s Fight Club for Senior Citizens

Jane Austen’s Fight Club

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