101 Reasons Why Nicolas Cage Reeks of Awesome


Little did you know, in 2003, he sold his comic collection for $1.68 million, including his copy of Action Comics issue #1, the first ever appearance of Superman. Nicolas Cage is a hard fortune cookie to crack, but behind the man, the myth, the legend, lies a very intricate being full of depth we perhaps may not even want to fathom. I bet you didn’t know he named his son Kal-El after Superman or that he is related to Francis Ford Coppola and changed his last name to Cage. To find out what really feeds Nic Cage’s awesomeness you just have to keep reading!

Giving credit to the correct source, all of these interesting facts and the complete 101 can be found at Shiznit.com.

  • Nicolas Cage is something of a hoarder. Among his collection of odds and sods are rare stuffed birds, lizards, snakes and an octopus.
  • Nicolas Cage owns a pyramid tomb in which he plans to be buried.
  • Nicolas Cage ate a live cockroach three times for Vampire’s Kiss, after insisting the script was changed from eating a raw egg.
  • Nicolas Cage allegedly hired a witch doctor to uncurse the set of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.
  • Nicolas Cage bought a $276,000 dinosaur skull after a frenzied auction with Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Nicolas Cage used to take magic mushrooms with his cat, Lewis. “He ate them voraciously,” he told David Letterman. “I had no doubt that he was my brother.”
  • Nicolas Cage auditioned for the lead in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives, even though he has vertigo. And was in his forties. And was Nicolas Cage.
  • Nicolas Cage is trained in Brazilian Ju-jitsu.

All of these interesting facts and the complete 101 can be found at Shiznit.com

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