Nintendo Reveals Pokkén Tournament, a Cross Between Pokémon and Tekken


Nintendo and The Pokemon Company recently gave fans a cryptic announcement this month about an exciting new project in the works. It was revealed during NicoNico’s “Monthly Famitsu featuring Pokemon Special” that Nintendo and Bandai Namco Games has teamed up to create Pokken Tournament, a cross between the famous Pocket Monsters and Tekken.

Much like the Pokémon battles themselves, this Pokémon versu Pokémon fighter is a unique concept. Instead of yelling commands as a Pokémon trainer you will be controlling them yourselves á la Tekken. The animation style looks very stylized and leaning more toward realism rather than the cartoon-y feel of the anime. And with any fighter, it will be exciting to see which Pokémon will be on the roster.

Despite the reveal, there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. First of all, a U.S. release date for the game has yet to be disclosed and the closest thing to a date that has yet to be announced is a 2015 release for Japan. Will audiences be OK with seeing their favorite childhood cartoon characters in such a gritty setting? And most importantly, what platform will this game be available on?

Presumably, the game will be released for the Nintendo Wii U at some point, however, they are working with the same company that developed Tekken, a game that is available on many different gaming platforms. Furthermore, will the release of the new Pokemon game on the Nintendo Wii U affect the sales of the system? The Wii U has struggled to find a core audience of dedicated gamers to seek out the system.

One thing is for sure: Pokémon fans will most likely be chomping at the bit to get their hands on this title.

Pokkén Tournament will have its arcade release in Japan first in 2015.

Source: Nintendo Insider

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