‘Shaun of the Dead’ Stage Show Approved by Simon Pegg


Shaun of the Dead has long been a cult classic for horror and comedy audiences alike. With an unusual take on the zombie epidemic, grounded characters, and clever dialogue, the films has amassed a legion of fans over the last 10 years. It’s popularity has grown so much that a Shaun of the Dead stage show which will hit the United Kingdom starting this April. And best of all, it has writer and star Simon Pegg’s approval.

According to director of the show, Chas Burns of Almost Legal Productions, the rights to performing a stage show of Shaun of the Dead were acquired simply by placing a call to Simon Pegg’s assistant. After receiving the greenlight from Working Title Films and Universal Pictures, it took Chas over six months before he nailed the script. He goes on to say:

“It helped that Simon is originally from the area and is patron of Stroud Music & Drama Academy. He lent his name last year to support the academy, to give something back… People threw a few quid at us and we got a few grand to build the set and also had local companies to Gloucestershire help us.”

Pegg also promoted the stage production on his Twitter account; wishing the cast and crew of the Shaun of the Dead stage show good luck prior to a performance.

There seems to have been a trend in taking certain pieces of art of their medium, particularly with film. This year alone, we have seen the musical, Into the Woods being turned into a film and Disney’s classic animated Cinderella be turned into a live-action film.

This particular stage show seems quite reminiscent of the Evil Dead: The Musical stage show which originated from a production in Canada. Let’s hope Shaun of the Dead follows in their footsteps because now, an Evil Dead production has found a permanent home on the Las Vegas strip.

The Shaun of the Dead stage show has 15 tour dates set for the South West of England, but hopefully it will garner enough popularity to make it over here to the states. Tickets are now available for purchase.

Source: Chortle

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