Comic-Con 2016 Cosplay Photo Gallery


Another successful San Diego Comic-Con is in the books. While many announcements were made, cosplay always stands out as one of the quintessential draws for me to attend. Sadly, I was only able to attend Saturday and Sunday of the convention and missed out on some of the big cosplay meet-ups. But luckily I was able to capture a decent amount of the weekend action.

While there were many incredible cosplayers showing off the goods, it felt to me as if there weren’t as many costumed folk wandering around this year. Perhaps SDCC has been spread so thin throughout the city that it’s too hard to encounter everyone, but I’ve never had this problem in the past. Regardless, it was a pleasure meeting everyone and seeing familiar faces. Enjoy our Comic-Con 2016 cosplay photo gallery!

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Check out the Comic-Con 2016 cosplay photo gallery below:

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