Help #SaveCommunity to Reach #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

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It has been dark times for the critically acclaimed yet low rated network comedy, Community, since its hiatus was announced in mid-November 2011. But light may be shining at the end of tunnel – it all depends on you! Community may be coming back to finish its third season, but without your help we may never see a fourth season. 

As a fan of the show, it is my duty to inform you about the epic spectacle that is Community. (If you already watch this show, GOOD!) Low and behold, I had never watched Community until last year, and boy was I stupid. When I first encountered the show I tried watching the pilot when it aired in 2009 and thought nothing of it. I never watched another episode after that. (I guess I just didn’t get it.) Last year, after a few positive words from a podcast, my interest had been raised. What was this show all about and why was it getting so much praise?

If you are unfamiliar with Community, the show focuses on a band of misfits – each with their own reason for embarking on educational endeavors – who come together as a study group at Greendale Community College in Greendale, Colorado. They each learn from each other and grow as human beings as they embrace all the wacky hijinks that they get themselves into. The study group comprises of:

  • Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) – the fraudulent and cocky lawyer who must regain his degree after falsifying the original.
  • Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) – the aspiring filmmaker and pop culture geek.
  • Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs) – the awkward, uncool, hippie activist who’s never had a clear path to her future.
  • Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown) – the good Christian, African American, divorced mother with loose lips for gossip.
  • Annie Edison (Alison Brie) – the Jewish, OCD, goody two-shoes who dropped out of high school due to an adderall addiction.
  • Troy Barnes (Donal Glober) – A Jehovah’s witness, failed high school football quarterback who threw his chance to make it big.
  • Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase) – a racist, stereotypical old grump who also happens to be a fairly wealthy whose fortune came from Hawthorne Wipes – a moist towelette.

This show is a very Breakfast Club-esque as it brings together a very unlikely bunch to face challenges of everyday community college life. Other recurring characters consist of Ben Chang (Ken Jeong) – Asian Spanish teacher, and Craig Pelton (Jim Rash), dean of Greendale who both make very colorful appearances in almost every episode.

Watch a great mashup of Childish Gambino’s – aka Donald Glover – sing “Freaks and Geeks” with clips from Community.

Sounds like a great show right? Unfortunately there may not be more Community without your help. NBC has “benched” Community from their midseason line-up in order to give newer shows like Whitney and Up All Night a shot. Now I don’t know about you, but Whitney Cummings gets on my nerves more than half of the time. She was OK when she was on Chelsea Lately, but now she is just in my face too much. (Her other show she wrote, 2 Broke Girls, sucks a big one too.) So why NBC? Why did you put Community on pause when you know it has THE most die-hard fans on your network?

Alison Brie Save Community Venn Diagram

For one, it is probably the smartest comedy on television today, or even possibly of the last decade – honestly. The show utilizes so much ingenuity with its writing that it would baffle me if one could get every joke at first try. There are so many easter eggs and fun references to pop culture that there is no end to where this show could go – like South Park.

I don’t think myself and many of the fans would have picked this Beetlejuice easter egg up if someone hadn’t put it on YouTube:

(If you didn’t pick up what that clip was highlighting, I suggest you go back and look in the background of the third scene. Each season they mentioned the big guy and then BAM they put him in there two years later. How could anyone think or plan for something like that?)

The only thing holding this saga back is whether or not these students will graduate from Greendale Community College – you’d think they would have graduated after two years now? But the show is not just about fun quips using pop culture, it has such a strong grasp of character and how to utilize each and every one of them on screen that it is hard to not see yourself in each of these characters – even Pierce.

Honestly, Community is a show for everyone to enjoy. There are moments anyone could relate to and could fulfill any TV junky’s needs. It’s fun for all ages, races, sexuality, and gender. Where else can you find a show that bases an entire episode on Goodfellas with chicken tenders at a community college cafeteria. There have been entire episodes dedicated to zombies, Pulp Fiction, Glee, classic Christmas claymation movies, Apollo 13, Dungeons and Dragons, and The Office. Although this show may not have a set agenda or routine, it is that randomness that makes this show so special.

Thanks to all of Community’s passionate fans, the show earned the fan favorite cover of TV Guide last month. This couldn’t have come at a better time with the mid-season hiatus, this is something the show needed and deserved. The fans are what really drive this show and it wouldn’t be the show that it is today without them. This is definitely not a show to get ratings, it is for you, me, and anyone who can appreciate great comedic television.

In conclusion, we must all do our part as fans of Community to help save this little gem from reaching its end while they are on top. Like famous cancelled shows with dedicated fans: Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, and Firefly no other show currently on-air has such a strong and loyal fanbase as Community. Even though Community will be back this Spring to complete its 22-episode third season, it does not mean they are going to be guaranteed a fourth – not unless the other shows on NBC’s roster bomb. If Arrested Development can find a place on Netflix and FINALLY get a movie the fans have been hoping for then I’ll be damned if Community gets cancelled after season three.

The best way to help support and make this show work is to tell all your friends to watch it. If you have never seen the show please find it at any means necessary. All episodes of Community can also be found on Hulu Plus.

Help #SaveCommunity!

Save Community Uncle Sam Poster

And for the guys out there who think this may just be some weird teen comedy about school, here is a video of Alison Brie doing a Christmas number in a skimpy outfit.

Thanks to Pajiba for the great poster finds.

One thought on “Help #SaveCommunity to Reach #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

  1. I love Community (and am sad to see it on hiatus), but honestly I haven’t really been enjoying season three. It feels (to me, anyway) like there’s something missing in the writing and that the show is trying to stretch itself to recapture that old magic but it can’t quite reach. That’s probably not a very popular opinion among Community fans, and I’m getting sidetracked as it is, but thanks for the article! It was a great read.

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