Four Spoiler-Free Clips from ‘Wreck-it Ralph’

Wreck-it Ralph Movie Clips

If you have yet to be convinced to go see Wreck-it Ralph, we’ve got four movie clips that could tip you over the fence for your hard earned dollars. Wreck-it Ralph is a delightful film filled with witty video game humor and tons of heart. In my mind, these four clips host no spoilers and are just extensions of scenes from the full theatrical trailer. Check them out after the jump.

Starting off, here we see Ralph among other villains at a Bad Guys Anonymous meeting. Half of the characters you may be familiar with, but some are fresh faces – check out their full bios from a previous post. A lot of work went into getting the rights to these video game icons, but it helps the story become more relatable. Watch Ralph gush his feelings in the “Bad Guy Second Thoughts” clip.

Next we meet Q*Bert, who hops on a train to visit Fix-it Felix, Jr. and the residents of the Niceland Apartments. Speaking in Q*Bert-ese, Felix learns that Ralph has gone “Turbo.” Again, this is a section of the plot that was conveyed in the trailer.

The bread and butter to Wreck-it Ralphis the relationship between Vanellope von Schweetz and Ralph. In this clip, Ralph meets Vanellope for the first time as he tries to climb a candy cane tree in Sugar Rush. Vanellope’s programming may have never taught her how to leave a good first impression.

This last clip is actually not a part of any trailers, but not technically a spoiler. If you are really cautious about clips than I’d consider this a less than minor spoiler. So stop now. You have been warned.

Ralph is determined to prove himself a hero. In his quest for redemption, Ralph seeks a medal to prove he is not just a bad guy, but one of the good guys. Vanellope is in a bit of a bind herself and seeks the chance to race in Sugar Rush to win a trophy. These two spark a bargain that may get them into more than they bargained for.

Wreck-it Ralph is in theaters now, starring the voices of John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman, and Alan Tudyk.

Source: Disney

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