SXSW 2014: Mondo’s Exclusive Disney Themed Gallery “Nothing’s Impossible”

SXSW 2014 Mondo's Exclusive Disney Themed Gallery Nothing's Impossible

Mondo is ressurecting the movie poster game, and invaded SXSW 2014 this year with their own Disney inspired art gallery entitled “Nothing’s Impossible.” In collaboration with Oh My Disney, Mondo worked with such artists as Olly Moss, Dave Perillo, Jeff Soto, Tom Whalen, and more to come up with this one of a kind experience for festival attendees. You’ll find some of the work from the gallery and more after the break. 

As you may have seen in the video above, the “Nothing’s Impossible” gallery centered around Disney and Pixar films old and new. If you’re down in SXSW, the gallery will be open until March 11th and we highly suggest you head on over to see the art. Some of the notable work includes The Jungle Book by Olly Moss; Carl from Up by Mike Mitchell; The Incredibles by Tom Whalen; Fantasia by Jeff Soto; and The Black Cauldron by Francesco Francavilla.

Check out some of the art from the “Nothing’s Impossible” gallery below courtesy of Oh My Disney (click on the images to enlarge):


Mondo began initially in 2004 as a t-shirt company. Founded by Alamo Drafthouse’s Tim League, the shop carried what seemed to be your typical movie-themed screen printed t-shirts. Mondo has since grown into who they are today, commissioning artists to create alternate versions of their favorite classic and contemporary films such as Jaws and Home Alone, as well as also offering limited vinyl movie soundtracks, VHS re-issues, and apparel. The roster of artists Mondo has had work with them has grown significantly since their inception, including Shepard Fairey, the creative street art genius behind OBEY and the iconic Obama campaign poster. Mondo’s creations are primarily limited edition and sell out within minutes of being announced, usually via their twitter account.

The life, luster, and overall creativity that was once a pivotal part of the moviegoing experience of gazing upon upcoming movie posters seems to be a thing of the past. What we typically see these days is an explosion of orange and blue hanging outside with floating heads and usual compromised positions of the actors. Our digital age has almost sucked the life out of this art form.

Let us know what you think of Mondo’s exhibit. We’d love to hear what some of your favorite pieces are.

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Source: Oh My Disney


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