‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Character Portraits Highlights ’70s Fahsion

'Mad Men' Season 7 Character Portraits

We’re only a month away from the season 7 premiere of AMC’s Mad Men and a good handful of character portraits have appeared. Employees of Sterling Cooper & Partners each stand out in their own unique style along with Betty and Megan. You can find them all after the jump.

In the world of Mad Men, Matthew Weiner has always done a standup job reflecting the era in which our characters have lived in. The season 7 teaser poster provides evidence to that. With season 7 diving head first into the ’70s, we have our first look at how the new decade has influenced our favorite ad men and women.

All of the men look rather tame, but it’s the little details you have to look at. In the earlier seasons you would typically see Don Draper (Jon Hamm) wearing a plain black tie, but here he has added a little color to his attire. The same can be said with Roger Sterling (John Slatterly). Roger is usually seen wearing a grey or silver suit, like the one Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) is wearing, and vice versa. The characters that stick out the most are Stan Rizzo (Jay R. Ferguson), Harry Crane (Rich Sommer), and Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman).

Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) seems to be sticking to hear more conservative guns, while she adds a little flower power to compliment her white, hoop earrings. Joan Harris (Christina Hendrics) is playing up her colorful features, but isn’t showing off the girls, which is quite the downplay. Betty Francis (January Jones) and Megan Draper (Jessica Paré) are the gals that are living the ’70s to their fullest. Megan’s shirt is a little more daring, while Betty sticks to the more classier look.

Other characters featured below are Betram Cooper (Robert Morse), Ken Kosgrove (Aaron Stanton), Jim Cutler (Harry Hamlin), and Ted Chaough (Kevin Rahm). All photography was taken by Frank Ockenfels.

(Click on the character portraits to enlarge the images)

Not only do the clothes reflect the era, but so does the hairstyles. Mad Men has previously won a few Primetime Emmys in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 for Outstanding Hairstyling for Single Camera Series.

Created by Matthew Weiner, Mad Men‘s final season begins Sunday, April 13 at 10/9 PM CST only on AMC.

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Source: AMC

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