Comic-Con 2014: Maisie Williams in Talks for ‘The Last of Us’ Movie

Maisie Williams Discussed 'The Last of Us' Movie with Sam Raimi

With the  The Last of Us receiving the green light to move forward with a film adaptation. all eyes are on who will fulfill the two lead roles. Sam Raimi, who is producing, spoke during Comic-Con that he has had a discussion with Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark. Feel free to change your pants when this casting becomes official, until then learn more after the jump.

The Last of Us was one of 2013’s biggest games for Naughty Dog, the developer also behind the Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted series, also set for a big screen debut. While a director hasn’t been chosen yet, Naughty Dog creative director and writer of The Last of Us, Neil Druckman, will be handling the film’s screenplay. When the news broke, Raimi discussed their vision for the film and stated that they have met with Maisie Williams as a possibility for the character Ellie. The two have emphasized that it is too soon to say there is a set cast, or that she is a sure pick, but it’s a good start.

When referencing the core of the game and bringing it to the big screen, Druckman is more open to breathing new life into the characters, re-writing the opening, and possibly creating an entirely different ending. Typically, this type of behavior is seen from the studio side, while juxtaposed Raimi feels they should stay true to the game’s story and overall essence by focusing more on the relationship between the two main characters, Joel and Ellie. However, Druckman is writing new scenes that will “glue” the things together that they love about the story.

For those jaded by the idea of another zombie story, Druckman stated:

“The infected play a big role in setting up the world and putting pressure on characters. [He] doesn’t write just set pieces where they run into infected and have a shootout. It’s all about how an encounter applies pressure and tension to Joel and Ellie.”

Nevertheless, the love Maisie Williams has garnered through her portrayal of Arya Stark is nothing short than boundless. She’s survived many intense moments on Game of Thrones, which gives all the more reason for her to be cast as Ellie. Although I am still hopeful that Ellen Page will still be considered, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all if the role ended up going to Maisie. Maybe Hugh Jackman as Joel?

Here’s the official plot synopsis of The Last of Us, courtesy of PlayStation:

Joel, a ruthless survivor with few moral lines left to cross, lives in one of the last remaining Quarantine Zones. These walled-off, oppressive cities are run by what’s left of the military. Despite the strict martial law, Joel operates in the black market of the city, smuggling contraband for the right price.

Joel is asked by a dying friend to look after Ellie, a fourteen-year-old girl with courage beyond her years. What starts out as a simple job to deliver Ellie to another Quarantine Zone, soon transforms into a profound journey that will forever change Joel and Ellie.

As they trek across a post-pandemic United States, Joel and Ellie will encounter different factions of survivors that have each found a unique way of dealing with the infected humans, the lack of supplies, and the threat of other survivors.

As Joel and Ellie struggle to persevere, they must learn to trust each other and work together in order to survive the realities of this new world.

 The Last of Us does not have an official release date yet, but we hope that it will soon.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

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