Marisa Miller Bikini Pictures, Just Because

Victoria’s Secret released official Marisa Miller photos from their bikini catalog or something and gee golly. These aren’t the sexiest poses ever, as they were just for a bikini catalog, but it is Marisa Miller in a bikini so you really can’t complain here. You can check out the lot of them (there are a lot of them) if you continue reading!

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T-He: That’s some funny ish.

Some little hidden treasures of the Internets:


A cool little t-shirt at the Chop Shop featuring everyone’s favorite Halloween season friends!

And a fat cat!


The Literal Translation of Winnie The Pooh

winnie the pooh

This is probably one of the greatest pictures I’ve ever seen that was screen printed on a T-shirt on Threadless. It is pretty accurate; have you ever thought of the real world Winnie the Pooh, well this shirt design pretty much sums it up.