Nerds Have Their Day! Computer Engineer Barbie!

When asked to vote on Barbie’s next profession, who would have thought that the masses would vote for computer engineer? Back in January, Barbie was given the choice of surgeon, environmentalist, news achnor, architect, and computer engineer. Perhaps it was a group effort of computer engineers and nerds, or maybe Barbie enthusiasts really wanted her to be a high tech wiz, whatever the case is, Computer Engineer Barbie will be set to release on December 15 just in time for Christmas and you can pre-order it at Amazon if you are really eager for only $12.99. You can read Mattels full release after the break.

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Neato: Ghostbusters Proton Wii Pack

Some creative engineer genius rigged his own Ghostbusters proton pack to coincide with his love for the Nintendo Wii! Jake Rossi is the original designer and you can check out his blog here and see the original post! Click on the images to enlarge.

Apple Has Announced Their iPad! The Future is Now?!

Well it is finally here, the new Apple Tablet everyone has been talking about and just waiting for them to officially announce has finally come upon us. The Apple iPad is the newest gem in the sea of ridiculous technology Apple has brought to us. This iPad is basically a gigantic iPhone with higher quality display, a giant keyboard, and a book store like the kindle. On the Apple site, they claim to have over 140,000 applications at your disposal to cram into your pad. The iPad is definitely more advanced than the the iPhone; it is practically the inbetween of the iPhone and MacBook. It has programs such as Safari, KeyNote, Pages, and Numbers. It is pretty cool, but will the hype last? I mean it is cool, but with the portability of the iPhone and capacity and more options the Apple laptops have, is there really a need to have the iPad other than to show off that you are “hip” with the age? Continue reading

Simpson’s Did It!


Apparently Houston might take a page from the Simpson’s book from their film with their giant dome technology. Here at SciFi Squad, they talk about how the Discovery channel looked into the possibility to help the city protect itself from violent storms and heat. More information below thanks to the Discovery Channel Website:

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Tearing Down of the Gundam Menace


Luckily for the world, the dismemberment of the life-size 1:1 scale Gundam began today. No war will be started with giant mecha in this time, not for now anyways. It is kinda sad they are taking it down. What else are they going to do with all those pieces……

An Assortment of Amusing Images

Found these funny little things that amuse ME. Maybe you might find them hilarious……… do you? Maybe? Click on them to enlargeeeeeeee

Teehee: Can You Hear It Now? It’s Your Privacy Leaving You

zug prank

According to The Washington Post, you have never had the safety of privacy even with an unlisted number. All your personal data is floating around: where you live, your number, your call record, and everything else is all up for sale on the Internet!!! OOhhhhh Dun dun dunnnnn…… has taken advantage of this news and decided to prank the CEO’s of Verizon. They registered on a free cell phone record site and looked up the top 3 CEO’s of Verizon. Only one was found due to the uniqueness of his name, but everything was listed. Ivan Seidenberg’s information was found within just about three minutes and the prank had began. John Hardgrave from Zug decided to visit Mr. Seidenberg and yell into a loudspeaker and deliver a message on behalf of all Verizon customers. Unfortunately there was no response, but the video outcome was pretty funny and he was chased away by his neighbors dog. Check out the video hereeeeee………

iPhones Apps Could Save Your Life………

If you live in Europe………

Dutch brewing giant Grolsch has launched an iPhone app to test drinkers if they are too inebriated to drive.

The “Walk the Line” app was launched at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. Users who got a high score were offered the chance to get a free festival photograph taken at the Grolsch bar, but those with a low score were invited to join the Grolsch team for a drink of water.

While the app is not actually an alcohol test, Grolsch says it aims to encourage festival-goers to monitor their alcohol consumption in a “fun, innovative way” and share it with their friends.

Grolsch is taking the concept to other major music festivals this summer, with promotions staff encouraging participants to download and play with the app.

Marvellous, Amsterdam, part of Aegis Group’s Isobar network, created the app using the iPhone’s motion-sensing accelerometer. It is also available in a generic version. But it’s not available in the U.S. – ADage

Neato: Electro Kitty

hello kitty taser

Why not? This little cutesie wutsie little taser is fun for every girl who wants to ward off pedophiles. What says Hello Kitty like saying hello with a shock of 50,000 volts pulsing through your body. I’m sure all young ladies will be purchasing these to put in their over priced coach purses while walking through school.

It’s Alive………!!! (Oh this is my 100th post!)

Here we go now. First you think it’s a harmless 1:1 full scale model. Next there are lights flashing all over it. And now it’s moving, moving. Ok, it’s just the head, but lets face it, soon it will be the arms next week and the week after that the legs. Only time will tell how farm this Gundam will go, next stop space colonies and beyond!