Warmongers of the Weekend

battle field

Films opening up for the weekend of June 11-14

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 – I don’t know what Denzel was thinking when he said he would work with Travolta, but his movie looks bad. It is a remake of a remake. Althought directed by Tony Scott, I don’t know how far that will take this movie. Definitely a movie you would wait to see on FX that replays three times a day.

Moon – This movie is the movie you should see this weekend. This thriller of a sci-fi takes you on the journey of one space man (Sam Rockwell) who is stuck on the Moon for experiments for three years by himself and a computer (Kevin Spacey). His time on the Moon is almost up, but things start to go sour and things are not appearing as so they seem. This is a movie that you need to see for the Summer, not just the weekend.

Imagine That – Cutesy Wutesy Eddie Murphy family comedy. Not much expectation from this film other than clichés and life lessons of family. I expect work gets in the way, the daughter helps out with her imagination, he becomes successful, forgets about his daughter, she is sad, he realizes he’s a jerk of a father, and then he learns his lesson by telling off his boss or something to that extent.

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