WonderCon 2016 Cosplay Saturday Photo Gallery

WonderCon is in full force, and it’s what I’d consider to be the official, unofficial start of convention season. And it wouldn’t be a true con season without loads and loads of cosplayers pouring out of the woodwork after the cold, winter months. Just mere months away until San Diego Comic-Con, WonderCon has always been a place to work out the kinks before the big show.

Due to complications with the Anaheim Convention Center, WonderCon moved it’s locale to the Los Angeles Convention center this year. Although the LA Convention Center is more vast and spread out, this year’s WonderCon felt more like a zoo than ever before. But with it comes at ton of awesome cosplayers working their magic.

Cosplayer credits are at the bottom of the post below the gallery, enjoy!

***Note: If you do take an image from this site, please provide photo credit via my Instagram or Twitter @TyRawrrnosaurus; TTRC’s Facebook page; or this website, TurnTheRightCorner.com. Thanks!***

Check out the WonderCon 2016 cosplay Saturday photo gallery below:

(Click on any image below to enlarge)


*Note: If I didn’t list you and you’d like me to add you, please let me know.

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