Three Time Oscar-Wnning Actor Daniel Day-Lewis Announces Retirement

Daniel Day Lewis Retires from Acting

The three-time Oscar-winning actor, Daniel Day-Lewis, has made an official statement wherein he has announced his retirement from acting Continue reading

RIP Gunner Hansen (1947-2015); the Original Leatherface

Gentler than his iconic horror villain counterpart Leatherface in Tobe Hooper’s 1974 original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, actor Gunner Hansen passed away Saturday evening after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Confirmation was made earlier this morning by Gunner’s agent, Mike Eisenstadt. Hansen was at his home in Northeast Harbor, Main at the time of his death.

Born in 1946 in Reykjavík, Iceland, Hansen moved to the United States at the age of five to Maine. At age 11, his family would settle in Texas. A University of Texas graduate, Hansen would meet director Tobe Hooper upon earning his Masters degree in Scandinavian Studies and English. As they would say, the rest is history.

Aside from acting, Hansen had a career as a writer and editor after The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s initial release. It wasn’t until 1988 when he would regain his itch for acting where he would go on to star in over 20 films, mainly consisting of low-budget horror titles such as Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Mosquito, and Swarm of the Snakehead. In 2013, Hansen published a book entitled, “Chainsaw Confidential,” an overview of his work on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre wherein he revealed his salary for the film was only $400.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre certainly left its mark in history, laying the foundation for three sequels, two remakes, and a prequel; films which have starred the likes of Renée Zellweger, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Biel, Alexandria Daddario,  R. Lee Ermey, Dennis Hopper, Viggo Mortensen, Scott Eastwood, Jordana Brewster, and Matt Bomer.

It wasn’t until after I watched 2003’s remake, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that I came became enamored in the franchise and fell in love with Tobe Hooper’s classic. It will go down as one of my all-time favorite movies.

Eisenstadt also stated that Hansen’s original screenplay, Death House, will be moving into production next year in Hansen’s memory. The film is centered around a secret government facility that becomes ground zero for a terrifying prison break.

Gunner Hansen was 68 when he died.

Source: CNN

Selfie-Sticks Banned at Disney Theme Parks and San Diego Comic-Con

Corporations have now reached their breaking point as the ever-growing popularity of selfies have rubbed the House of Mouse the wrong way. With a mighty decree that parted the heavens, overlooking the swamp lands of Florida, Disney World has officially placed a ban on selfie-sticks.

The happiest place on Earth may become a little happier as park patrons will no longer have to avoid getting hit by long metal poles. More so, the cause of concern at Disney World is the potential of risk as Kim Prunty, a spokeswoman from the park explains,

“We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and unfortunately selfie-sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast.”

The Los Angeles Times reports this issue has been a hot issue at Disney. As a precaution to the growing risk, signs prohibiting selfie-sticks have been up at parks for particular rides. But only recently there was an incident that caused a roller coaster to stop for an hour due to a brilliant passenger pulling out a selfie-stick while riding on the attraction.

The ban at Disneyland Resort and Disney World theme parks will take into effect this Tuesday, June 30, which also covers Disney World water parks and DisneyQuest, an attraction at Downtown Disney. Tourists to Disney parks in Paris and Hong Kong will have an extra day to indulge in extended narcissism with the ban going into effect on July 1.

Similarly, over the past weekend, Comic-Con International issued a proclamation stating the ban of selfie-sticks on the show floor or anywhere on official San Diego Comic-Con events outside the convention center. As one of the largest, yearly gatherings of pop culture fans in the world, their cause of concern is valid as the congestion continues to worsen every year. Along with the selfie-stick ban, drones, flying devices, E-cigarettes, vaping products, and other smoking devices will not be allowed.

Here’s the official statement:

“We know you want that perfect photo of yourself and the gang at Comic-Con and your arms just aren’t long enough, but please be aware that selfie sticks, GoPro poles, or any device that extends your camera or phone away from your hand, are not allowed at Comic-Con. With so many people in attendance, protruding cameras or phones sticking up in the air are a definite hazard. If you’re caught with a selfie stick, you will be asked by security to put it away and not use it at Comic-Con. This includes all of the Convention Center: Exhibit Hall, Programming and Event rooms, etc., and on Convention Center grounds outside, and any official Comic-Con events outside the Center, including the Marriott Marquis, Manchester Grand Hyatt, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, and Omni San Diego hotels, the Horton Grand Theatre, and the San Diego Central Library.”

Source: Comic-Con International / LA Times
Art created by Anderson Mahanski

Comic-Con 2015

Marvel Comics to Debut Doctor Strange #1 and Spider-Man #1 this Fall

With Marvel Comics basically hitting the reset button after the culminating events “Secret Wars,” two iconic heroes will be getting new #1 issues: Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Creators Jason Aaron (Star Wars, Thor) and Chris Bachalo (Uncanny X-Men, Avengers) will be spearheading Doctor Strange, while Miles Morales co-creators Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli will continue the new legacy of the younger, bi-racial Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief, Axel Alonso, wants fans to expect the unexpected with this brand new Doctor Strange:

“Get ready for a brand new Doctor Strange for a brand new Marvel Universe. Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo have rebuilt Marvel’s ’Sorcerer Supreme’ from the ground up with an excitingly original take that redefines the character going forward.”

Co-creator Jason Aaron goes on to describe how Doctor Strange follows a different path from the heroes we know and love:

“None of Marvel’s other heavy hitters walk the same beat as Dr. Strange. None of them have to face the same sorts of repercussions whenever they use their powers. Being the Sorcerer Supreme is a unique responsibility. And it’s one that Stephen Strange embraces. Even though there’s no doubt that his job is one day going to leave him dead, damned or insane. So I want to celebrate all the weirdness that is Dr. Strange, while having him face a challenge unlike anything he’s ever faced before. One that rewrites the rulebook for what it means to be the Sorcerer Supreme.”

Here’s the official plot synopsis for Doctor Strange #1:

A dark new power is rising. One that will have repercussions for all magic users. The threat is growing, and Strange knows he won’t be powerful enough to stop it. If he is to have any kind of hope, it will take a different kind of Sorcerer Supreme. Because all magic comes with a price, and it’s high time Stephen Strange balanced the scales.

And as for Mile Morales, who made a big splash with fans when he debuted in the Ultimate Universe, he’ll be taking on whole new obstacles as he makes his way into Earth-616, the primary Marvel Universe. Alonso is also pleased to continue the adventures of Miles:

“Four years ago, we peeled back Spider-Man’s iconic mask to reveal a new and different face, and readers of all stripes have embraced him. I’m excited to announce that Miles Morales is here to stay – and this Fall, he’s going to be swinging through the heart of the Marvel Universe. Can new friends and enemies be far behind?”

Brian Michael Bendis recently gave an interview to, stating:

“This is a very big deal to [Sarah and I]. For [Miles] to have grown up and flat-out earned his place in the Marvel Universe, as Spider-Man, is frankly so much more than we could have hoped for when we first sat down to design him and his life. When it became clear that I was going to follow Miles into this new adventure I was really hoping that Sara would see the value in it being both of us that do this together. I was thrilled that she agreed immediately.”

Here’s the plot synopsis for Mile’s story as he enters uncharted territory:

A stranger in a strange land, Miles patrols the rooftops of a New York City that is very different from the one he knew. A world where countless heroes guard it’s skies and streets. A world where Miles is counted among the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers. A world where Peter Parker is still alive. Though their paths have crossed before the landmark series Spider-Men, with Miles now living in Peter’s universe – is this town big enough for two Spider-Men? More importantly – how did Miles come to be here in the first place?!

Check out the cover art for Spider-Man #1 created by Sara Pichelli and Doctor Strange #1 created by Chris Bachalo:

Both Spider-Man #1 and Doctor Strange #1 are set to release this fall 2015.

Source: Marvel

Secret Identity to Marvel’s Female Thor Has Been Revealed

Secret Identity Marvel's Female Thor Revealed

By Odin’s beard! Marvel Comics has finally revealed the secret identity of the latest incarnation of Thor. Much hubbub was sparked last summer when the comics conglomerate announced that this new Thor would be a woman. Now the cat’s out of the bag, eight issues deep, as to who this mystery Thor is. And the shocking discovery may make a lot of sense when you read what writer Jason Aaron had to say about character. Keep reading to after the jump to find out. Continue reading

Star Wars Celebration 2015: Cosplay Photo Gallery

Star Wars Celebration 2015 Cosplay Photo Gallery

Sadly, I could only attend one day of Star Wars Celebration this year, but I did my best to capture some of the best cosplayers from across the galaxy who converged in Anaheim, CA this past weekend. There were many great variations of Sith Lords and Boba Fetts, proving it’s good to be bad. And we’re even beginning to see the popularity of The Force Awakens grow as some took the liberty to dress up as Rey (pictured above) with what little we’ve seen from the film. See the full gallery of cosplayers after the break. Continue reading

WonderCon 2015: Sunday Cosplay Photo Gallery [250+ Images!]

WonderCon 2015 Sunday Cosplay Photo Gallery Images

And on the third day, Easter Day, WonderCon cosplayers did not rest. They were not finished with their work as one final day of the con was left to explore and enjoy. There were a good handful of creative Easter Bunny/Jesus cosplay parodies roaming the Anaheim Convention Center. And like Saturday at WonderCon, from a legion of Deadpools to Warrior Disney Princesses, Sunday was also full of really inspiring fans who put in a lot of time into their costumes. Check out our photo gallery after the break. Continue reading

WonderCon 2015: Saturday Cosplay Photo Gallery [200+ Images!]

WonderCon 2015 Saturday Cosplay Photo GalleryFrom Attack on Titan flash mobs to wild Daleks running around the Anaheim Convention Center, cosplayers were out in full force at this year’s WonderCon. Saturday was definitely the busiest day of the con, perfect for cosplay connoisseurs to strut their stuff. Comic-Con may be the mecca for cosplayers to showoff their creativity, but don’t count out WonderCon. There were a ton of amazing cosplayers this year that were not just creative, but pretty high quality too. Check out our photo gallery from Saturday after the break. Continue reading

WonderCon 2015: Friday Schedule [The Flash, iZombie, The Walking Dead, and More]

WonderCon Anaheim 2015 Friday Schedule

As Easter weekend approaches, so does what we could consider the start of convention season. Kicking things off per usual is WonderCon in Anaheim, CA – the little brother of the internationally famous San Diego Comic-Con. Starting April 3 through 5, Southern California will be invaded by Whovians, Trekkies, and other pop culture aficionados looking to express their inner geek. Friday’s schedule is packed with panels for Back to the Future, The Flash, Gotham, Wayward Pines, The Last Man on Earth, and much more. Check out the full schedule for Friday at WonderCon 2015 after the break. Continue reading