Pizza "The Hut"


There is a new Hut in town but more delicious. This is kinda old news, but just thought I’d “write” about it. Pizza Hut, actually, is the new “Hut” in town. Pizza Hut is changing due to the fall of pizza delivery? Well anywho, Pizza Hut is going more toward all their other endeavors with their pasta and other foods and calling themselves “The Hut” now. They are not changing their name. It’s more of a new look and nickname to get rid of the image of them just being a pizza business.

In my opinion I think it’s kind of bad idea. You keep a name for so long that you “change” your name/image. Some can pull it off, but if you’re a pizza place, you are a pizza place. Just because Subway serves salads, pizzas and apples doesn’t make them a sub place anymore. Your name is your name.

Ad Age reports on their little mission of reimaging:the_hut_box

“That’s not to say that the company’s non-pizza lines aren’t successful. Pizza Hut’s Tuscani pasta line, launched last year, has already surpassed $1 billion in sales. The chain is also in the midst of a massive reimaging effort, updating the look of its restaurants and adding “Wing Street” chicken wings at its 7,500 U.S. locations.”

And we’ll see where “The Hut” leads to, what do you think? Do you even care? I’ll still be calling it Pizza Hut most likely.

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