Quick Notes 3


Here we go with some quick notes again. Quick Notes are articles and blips that I do not feel on typing out full news that could just be viewed in shorts that I don’t feel are as important to rant about. They are all just a bunch of random hooblah of sorts that fell into this little section of fun and goodness after the jump:


• Hey look giant green screen for Iron Man 2 that John Favreau twittered.

zz5842578d• John Travolta’s new film ‘From Paris, With Love’ came out with a new poster

• ‘Boondock Saints: All Saints Day’ will premiere at Comic-Con this Summer.

Picture 4

• A new redband clip for ‘The Ugly Truth’ starring Heigl and Gerard Butler (King Leonidas) has appeared HERE

• IFC has released the 50 greatest movie trailers of all time. Including ‘Watchmen,’ ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut,’ ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Sin City,’ ‘Spider-man,’ ‘Speed,’ and ‘The Matrix’ this is definitely a blockbuster list of films

• Zach Snyder and Frank Miller on a ‘300’ sequel – Here

• A Detailed MAP of who’s in love and did the deed in the X-Men world

• The directors cut of ‘Watchmen’ will appear in theaters in Minneapolis, Dallas, L.A. and New York before it hits DVD.

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