Lost, Originally Lost and Found?


A television producer, Anthony Spinner, is suing ABC and Touchstone Television claiming he created the show Lost in 1977. Strange that that’s close to the year that they are back in time in the show now? Many of the ideas of his original show seem to appear in the current Lost show now, which he wants to take credit for.  TMZ have compiled a list of the similarities from Spinner’s version of his Lost. He was paid $30,000 to come up with the original pilot of the show and was turned down in 1977, 1991, and 1994. His show featured a airplane headed to Los Angeles which crashes into a tropical jungle-like island, and tells the story of the survivors through the use of flashback sequences to their regular lives, pre-crash. The castaways included:

  • Doctor (Jack?) who was the humanitarian voice of the group,
  • Trailblazer (Locke?) who challenges the group to accept that they are stuck on the island,
  • Strategic military man (Sayid?),
  • Stubborn and reluctant semi-her (Sawyer?) who challenges the leadership and has a dark father-son past,
  • Drug addicted survivor (Charlie?),
  • Physically fit young woman who can perform many of the same tasks as the men (Kate?),
  • An ethnic minority character (Sayid?) that has to deal with the racial slurs from another survivor (Sawyer?),
  • Lone survivor of a scientific expedition (Roussau?) is found with gunpowder, secure shelter, and a relationship with others who were on the island before them (The Others)
  • Female lead with criminal past (Kate?)

His original show also came up with a love triangle and a cold weather animal in a tropical climate (tiger instead of polar bear) Could these only be coincidences or is there some sort of plot against Spinner? Who knows. Some are pretty stereotypical archetypes, but some ideas fit the pieces well. Who will win the battle. Will justice prevail?

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