Quick Notes 6


Here we go with some quick notes again. Quick Notes are articles and blips that I do not feel on typing out full news that could just be viewed in shorts because there is just not enough time in the day to possibly touch on everything in full. They are all just a bunch of random hooblah of sorts that fell into this little section of fun and goodness after the jump: Stories of Rambo 5, Batman Sequel, Bad Boys 3, and more!


The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus will be coming out this Christmas Day! (CS)


Rambo 5 gets the green light with Stallone at the helm (Variety)


Bad Boys 3 will be coming to you too soon with a hired screenwriter (Hollywood Reporter)


Halloween 3 aka Halloween 3D is in the works already for 2010, but without the direction of Mr. Zombie (LA Times)


The Dark Knight Sequel could be shot entirely in IMAX format? (AICN)


Hancock 2 screenwriters are hired, I am scared (Hollywood Reporter)


Rogen’s The Green Hornet will be pushed back 5 months :o(  (HitFlix)


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