You’ve Just Been Judged

judge dredd 320x240

A Judge Dredd remake is in the works. Alex Garland, the writer of 28 Days Later and Sunshine. Garland is currently in the process of writing a fresh new look on the Judges of the future.

With Judge Dredd under the umbrella of Danny Boyle’s DNA Films, it’s no surprise that the writer most often associated with Boyle, Alex Garland, is spearheading this project. Mark Simpson, who’s worked on the art for Judge Dredd comic strips as well as the concept art for this new adaptation said this of the art and Garland: “Working through script visuals for Judge Dredd movie. Alex Garland writes a great script.” That shouldn’t be any surprise, it sure isn’t to me. Garland certainly has what it takes to bring a thoughtful, yet tonally accurate Judge Dredd satire to theaters. His past genre screenplays should be proof enough of that. – First Showing

Now someone needs to remake Demolition Man…………

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