Epic Mario Paint Evolution of Video Game Music

Mario Paint enthusiast/composer(?), Adolfo Baez, has created an epic nine minute montage of the evolution of video game music through Mario Paint. You can check out Adolfo’s YouTube Page to see his other works. This piece took him about one or two hours a day for three weeks to get this done and is executed pretty well. Pieced together by ear, this composition of video game music is really fun and captures the essence of the original songs. All of the songs are from Nintendo games unfortunately except for one Final Fantasy song, but the video is still pretty enjoyable. Check out the little medley after the jump!

0:14 Pac-Man Theme

0:19 Ms Pac-Man Theme

0:24 Donkey Kong Theme

0:43 Mario Bros Intro Theme

0:47 Frogger Theme

0:58 Excite Bike Theme

1:06 Duck Hunt Intro Theme

1:10 Duck Hunt Stage Theme

1:17 Super Mario Bros Theme

1:56 Kid Icarus Intro Theme

2:08 Kid Icarus Underworld Theme

2:33 The Legend of Zelda Overworld Theme

3:04 Metroid Brinstar Theme

3:54 Tetris Theme A

4:25 Duck Tales Moon Stage

4:51 Kirby Super Star Gourmet Race

5:12 Star Fox Corneria Theme

5:38 Final Fantasy 4 Boss Battle Theme

6:37 Street Fighter 2 Intro Theme

7:03 EarthBound Hotel Theme

7:24 Banjo-Kazooie Grunty´s Lair

7:38 TLoZ Ocarina of Time Gerudo Valley

8:00 Super Smash Bros Brawl Main Theme

8:43 Super Mario Galaxy Gusty Garden Galaxy

9:04 Medley Outro

2 thoughts on “Epic Mario Paint Evolution of Video Game Music

  1. Very interesting and thought out. The video was a greatly medley of game music, but the title is very misleading. This hardly merits the title “Evolution” to anything, a more appropriate title would have been the stand alone title, “Game Medley”, which is given to every other game medley out there, which is quite acceptable.

    Thanks for posting those, a good read and listen.

  2. “All of the songs are from Nintendo games unfortunately except for one Final Fantasy song”

    I don’t think that the Pac-Man games were Nintendo either. Namco/Bandai, dude. SUre, they might’ve been on the NES (not sure if they were), but that doesn’t make them Nintendo games. Which means that most, if not all, of these songs were on Nintendo systems, but weren’t necessarily Nintendo games. I’m pretty sure FF4 was on the NES as well. But still, Adolfo has to be one of, if not THE most, sklledthe most skilled MPCers, if not THE most skilled.

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