Will There be a Sin City 2? Maybe?

During a Facebook livechat for the Grindhouse movies, director Robert Rodriguez suggested that Sin City 2 would be his next project after Spy Kids 4. This lovely update comes from The Playlist who luckily caught Rodriguez in the conversation.

“Frank Miller and I are working on it. It’s slated to be the next one. But if the script is not ready, then we’ll have to move to the next one.”

This film has been in production hell for quite a while now and I have gotten my hopes up on multiple occasions. With what Rodriguez’s statement, we are to assume that we are heavily relying on Frank Miller, who seems to be in the process of writing out a 300 prequel, Xerxes. Will my prayers be answered and a true confirmation that this film will begin production, or will this be some sick nightmare I will be trapped in forever? If this film ever does happen, I hope they take their time with it and not just do it for the sake of doing it. Sin City was a lovely production and was executed brilliantly. I would hope that the same nurturing care would be placed upon a sequel if it were to happen.

Rodriguez furthers the conversation stating that he would love to bring back Bruce Willis.

“I wanna bring him back for Sin City because he’s so bad-ass.”

In terms of the story, the “Hell and Back” storyline was said to be laid out for Sin City 3, but now suggested to be integrated within Sin City 2. The main character from Hell and Back was originally suited for Johnny Depp, but times have changed and we’ll just have to sit on the back burner until absolutes arise.

So let’s hope that Frank steps his game up, cranks out an awesome Sin City 2 revision, and Rodriguez gears up for an awesome sequel.

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