A Real American Pie Sequel in Progress

One of my favorite franchises has been on the verge of an actual sequel to American Wedding for a little while now and Comingsoon.net got an exclusive word from producer Craig Perry on the status of the upcoming Americna Pie sequel, written by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle). American Pie came out in 1999 and the last official theatrical release, American Wedding, debuted in 2003. It has been almost a decade and four direct to DVD movies since the franchise’s theatrical release death. This new movie that is in the works is neither a remake nor a reboot, but an actual sequel! Will we see the cast return? Catch the news after the jump!

I always thought they should have done an “American Family” after American Wedding as an obvious choice from where we left off the characters. We could explore Jim’s trials as a father and newly husband, Mr. Levenstein’s attempts at being a grandfather, and then the rest of the gang facing life and obviously trying to help Jim succeed. This sounds like Little Fockers to me, but this has been envisioned in my mind since American Wedding.

“‘Like anything, if they’re going to go back to it, they want to get it right,'” Perry states in the article. He goes on to saying that the screenwriter duo will also be directing as well.”‘

As you can imagine, a lot of it has to do with scheduling of the actors because they’re all busy. Alyson (Hannigan’s) got the show and the baby, so she’s got plenty on her plate, so there’s a lot of people who have a lot of things to do, and I think if we get a script–which I think we will–that everybody is excited about it, and then it’s going to be about the schedule, because it’s going to be really hard to get that gang back together. Because I think that’s one of the things – we want to get everybody back together then you’ve got to do it right.'”

If the cast were to return, I would hope that the majority woudl come back. I know some have moved on to bigger and better things, Hannigan with “How I Met Your Mother,” Seann William Scott has appeared in some decent sized flicks, and January Jones has joined the X-Men gang and is all over Mad Men. But the rest of the cast I would assume isn’t too busy.

I hope for the best and would be thankful for the death of the American Pie direct to DVD franchise slaughtering. Although, Band Camp was kind funny, but it went all down hill from there. Perhaps this is the sequel that will cap off the series and the rightful ending that the American Pie family deserves.

You can read the rest of the interview at Comingsoon.net.

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