The First Unofficial Trailer for ‘Mother’s Day’

The first footage of Darren Lynn Bousman’s (Saw) Mother’s Day was recently shown in an unofficial trailer. This is a remake of the 1980 Troma original that has since taken on a new reimagining of the horror/thriller. Mother’s Day stars AJ Cook, Alexa Vega, Briana Evigan, Darren Lynn Bousman, Deborah Ann Woll, J. LaRose, Jaime King, Lisa Marcos, Lyriq Bent, Matt O’Leary, Patrick Flueger, Rebecca De Mornay, Shawn Ashmore, and Warren Kole. This film was suppose to release last year, but due to complicated issues it is now going to be finally released on April 1.  Check out the trailer after the break!

Beware, this trailer, in my opinion, gives away a little much, but what trailer doesn’t these days?

The only thing that is unsettling to me is their use of music. It takes away a certain tone from the film. I have been waiting to see this movie since I first read about it ages ago and I hope my mood toward the film doesn’t get ruined by this unofficial trailer. Since it is unofficial, I’m sure they will make adjustments accordingly and use better and more substantial music to set the tone.

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