10 Films You Would Have Never Expected To Be Oscar Nominated

There have been plenty of amazing films nominated for the most prestigious award in cinema, but did you know there have been some stinkers and average movies nominated for the big award? This year The Wolfman is gracing the academy’s list of recognized films of 2010, but there have been a few more that have snuck in throughout Oscar history. See the entire list after the break!

Borat (Best Adapted Screenplay)

Norbit (Best Make-Up)

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (Best Original Song) – “Blame Canada”

Rocky III (Best Original Song) – “Eye of the Tiger”

Mrs. Doubtfire (Best Make-Up)

Beethoven’s 2nd (Best Original Song) – “The Day I Fall In Love” by Carole Bayer Sager

Junior (Best Original Song) – “Look at What Love has Done to Us”

Ghostbusters (Best Original Song) – “Ghostbusters”

The Karate Kid Part II (Best Original Song) – “Glory Of Love”

Speed (Best Sound Editing/Mixing, Best Editing)

I find it kind of funny that most of these movies were nominated for best song. But out of all of these the biggest suprise has to go to Norbit, South Park, and Junior. I remember when I didn’t really like movies that much, but had flipped to the channel to see Robin Williams perform “Blame Canada” at the awards. And who would have thought that “Ghostbusters” would be a nominated song with practically the whole song shouting “Ghostbusters”. Go figure.

Thanks to Coed Magazine for this entertaining list before Oscar night.

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