Andrew McMahon Announces the Final Performance of Jack’s Mannequin

Dear Jack Event 2012 Jack's Mannequin

Personally, one of my favorite musicians, Andrew McMahon (frontman of Something Corporate), has announced the end of Jack’s Mannequin. As this may rock the foundations of pop punk culture as we know it, the piano rock group will not go without a fond farewell to their fans. The Third Annual Dear Jack Benefit will be hosted at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles with one unannounced show to follow due to fast selling pre-sale tickets.

Before moving to Dana Point, California in his eighth grade year, Andrew McMahon was born in Massachusetts. Inspired by his uncle who was a musician himself, after his passing, McMahon took up piano lessons at the age of eight. In 1998 Something Corporate was conceived, a band that would shape my musical tastes for the rest of my life.

Disbanding Something Corporate in 2004, Andrew McMahon formed a solo project entitled, Jack’s Mannequin, due to a differentiating tone in groups. Jack’s Mannequin’s first debut album hit shelves in 2005 with Everything in Transit. After winning his battle with cancer and releasing two more albums under Jack’s Mannequin – The Glass Passenger (2008) and People and Things (2011) – McMahon announced on September 11, 2012 the band would be no more.

dear friends,

I hope you have all had an excellent summer. There have been a great many changes taking place in my world and I wanted to take this opportunity to briefly share them with you.

At the heart of this change is the closing of a very important chapter in my life, one that is no doubt close to all of us. On November 11th, in Los Angeles at the 3rd annual Dear Jack benefit, my band and I will perform our last set as Jack’s Mannequin.

These are not easy words to write but I truly believe that the ending of this chapter will give birth to something beautiful. I cannot thank you all enough for the support you have given, not just to me, but also to Bobby, Jay, Mikey and Jon over the last 7 years. We are eager to take the stage on the 11th and play these songs that have scored nearly a decade of our lives, for you, the people who have given them a home. It feels both fated and appropriate that the profits from this show go to supporting young adults affected by cancer.

You can continue to chart my progress at, @amslingshots on twitter, on facebook, as well as @amnthewilderness on instagram. As more develops during this transition for both my band mates and myself, I will be keeping you up to speed via one or more of these newly adopted spaces. I look forward to seeing you on the 11th to celebrate the music I have had the joy of creating as jack’s mannequin. It will be a beautiful night.


Pre-sale tickets have already sold out, which also offered VIP tickets, soundcheck access, and an exclusive lithograph. But do not fret! Andrew has stated that while he never intended to do more than one show, he has taken in consideration of those who did not have a chance to purchase tickets to the Dear Jack Foundation Benefit Show and will be announcing a new show soon! (Click on the poster to enlarge the image.)

3rd Annual Dear Jack Foundation Benefit Show Poster Andrew McMahon

The real question here is, will Something Corporate make a come back. Or maybe SoCo will do a 10-year anniversary show for their sophomore album, North. I hope what ever McMahon chooses to do next will be for the best, but would love to hear his musical talents return in the future.

The 3rd Annual Dear Jack Foundation Benefit Show and second to last appearance of Jack’s Mannequin will happen on November 11, 2012 at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.

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