First ‘World War Z’ Trailer Unleashes

World War Z Teaser Trailer

A full teaser trailer for Marc Forster’s World War Z debuted this week. Originally slated for a December 2012 release, World War Z has been pushed to  June 2013. The teaser trailer offers us a very broad look at the zombie chaos that will ensue. Can Brad Pitt save the world?

Although the film’s production has had its fair share of problems, World War Z  is finally ready to spread its wings. Written first as a novel by Max Brooks, World War Z is told from the perspective of a United Nations employee who runs around interviewing survivors across various different countries. How this makes any sense during a zombie uprising beats me, but the script was rewritten by Matthew Michael Carnahan to include more action, so at least there’s that?

World War Z Brad Pitt 2

The trailer pushes Brad Pitt to the forefront as if he is the only one who can do anything to stop the zombies. I can’t place my finger on it, but I’m sure there was a scene cut from the trailer that would tell us how a UN employee is vital to stopping the apocalypse. Just see for yourself (watch the full teaser trailer in 1080p HD at Apple Trailers):

As mediocre as that looks, I’m intrigued to see how World War Z will turn out. Just like the marketing for Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class, looks can be deceiving. I am looking forward to the scope of it all. It appears World War Z will take us to multiple locations, so to see the damage across the globe will be pretty cool. However, I am not entirely impressed with the way they are portraying zombies.

World War Z Zombie Ants

I believe the trailer for World War Z is here to remind us all that having too much of a good thing can exist. Zombieland, Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead, and The Walking DeadIt feels as though Hollywood is milking every last ounce of the undead cash cow – much like the whole vampire craze.

World War Z Teaser Trailer Brad Pitt

If I Am Legend continued its story from the beginning of the monstrous creature outbreak, because we all know those weren’t zombies, World War Z would be the middle section of that film. I won’t consider these creatures as zombies either until we get a better look. My kind of zombie doesn’t run over others, nor do they move in a strange blob like fashion down a flight of stairs…

World War Z Zombie Blob

For whatever reason they chose to turn walkers into brainless lemming hordes, it makes my brain hurt trying to think of the reasoning. It looks bad. Even the visual effects look terrible. Sure they may be unfinished and it’s still too early to tell, but even so, it appears as though they didn’t want

The film can deviate from the novel all it wants and Brad Pitt’s character doesn’t have to be accurate to the book. I’m OK with both of those scenarios. But let’s keep the zombies traditional. They can run, but seriously this blob stuff is face palm worthy. (Click on the images below to enlarge.)

Alongside Brad Pitt, World War Z stars Eric West, Matthew Fox, David Morse, Mireille Enos, and David Andrews.

World War Z is set to release on June 21, 2013.

World War Z Unenthused

“I am not scared in the least bit.”

If the regular trailer didn’t please you, like the guy in the right of the picture above, perhaps the Pee-Wee Herman redub will excite you.

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