Is ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ the Next Game in Rocksteady’s Series?

Batman Arkham Origins Next Rocksteady Installment

After the release of Batman: Arkham City, gamers were hungry for the next installment of  have been swirling around as to how Rocksteady Studios could could top their critically and commercially successful hit. Rumor has it that Batman: Arkham Origins will be the next chapter in the Arkham series. Read on to find out what has been speculated and when we can see an official announcement.

As the title suggests, Arkham Origins will be a prequel, not a sequel to Arkham City. It has been said that the Justice League would make a possible appearance in the game and that we would be seeing the first meeting between The Joker and Batman. With this in mind, going back in time could mean we could possibly see Robin the boy wonder, Batgirl, and younger more active villains.

If Arkham Origins is as open world and in-depth as Arkham City, with the inclusion of the Justice League and more of Gotham City, this prequel could be epic beyond comprehension. Players were able to control Catwoman in Arkham City and add download Nightwing for extra content, who would we be able to play in Arkham Origins if the Justice League is introduced? Because it is a Batman game, I would hope it sticks to those characters.

My only worry is how exhausted the conflict between The Joker and Batman will become. The last two games had a great Joker presence and if he is the main villain for the third game, how much more will gamers be able to digest. Their rivalry is unmatched, but the developers should give us something fresh in the threat department.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that the next Batman game had a tentative release for 2013. E3 is coming up very soon and we could only assume a big reveal will take place at the grandest video game spectacle of them all. Now that the PS4 has been announced and the latest Xbox to be revealed, Batman: Arkham Origins may even be available for next-gen consoles.

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One thought on “Is ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ the Next Game in Rocksteady’s Series?

  1. Well if the interviews and updates are right, the Joker wont really be the center of Arkham Origins. According to the new developers (Warner Brothers Montreal), its all about Batman getting to encounter his first supervillains, but this would be expanding on the rogues gallery and we’re to expect the worlds greatest assassins against the dark knight. Does this include Deathshot? That could be expected, but I’m personally more excited for Deathstroke on this one, or who ever Penguin or Sironis would be getting to kill the Batman.
    Either way, I’m all too excited for October.

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