Helena Bonham Carter Returns as the Red Queen for ‘Through the Looking Glass’

Helena Bonham Carter Returns as the Red Queen for 'Through the Looking Glass'

It appears as though Helena Bonham Carter will be returning as the Red Queen in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland sequel, Through the Looking Glass,  expected to release in May 2016. Variety reports that Helena is in the final stages of her contract to reprise her infamous role. Joining Helena Bonham Carter will be Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) and Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska), with Sasha Baron Cohen rumored to appear as well. 

Formerly known as Alice in Wonderland 2, little is known about Through the Looking Glass. Plot details have been kept close to the vest and it is unclear whether or not characters such as Caterpillar (Alan Rickman) or the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) will return. James Bobin must be doing things right over at Disney because he is set to replace Tim Burton as the director for this sequel. Bobin’s work includes 2011’s The Muppets and most recently Muppets Most Wanted, hitting theaters next weekend on March 21.

While myself and many others found Tim Burton’s interpretation of Alice in Wonderland to quite underwhelming, watching Helena romp around the screen as a mildly entertaining Red Queen was a good laugh. The one aspect of Helena’s persona that I love, and although she is sadly typecast to play the crazier characters, she is willing to fit into her character’s skin and delve into these worlds wholeheartedly and with brilliant finesse. Hopefully, she will be able to bring the same level of dedication when she reprises the Red Queen.

I suspect the many fans of Disney and the cast will surely flock to see Through the Looking Glass once it’s released, but it has a tall mountain to climb if it is to meet its $1 billion earning predecessor.

Through the Looking Glass is expected to hit theaters on May 27, 2016, three weeks after the debut of Man of Steel 2.

Source: Variety via SlashFilm

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