Become a Pokémon Master with Google Maps Challenge Quest

Become a Pokémon Master with Google Maps

Google has certainly outdone themselves this April Fool’s Day, as they have issued a Pokémon Challenge to all Android and iPhone users who have Google Maps installed on their phones. Since 2000, Google has been having more fun on April Fool’s Day than Christmas with all of the creative pranks they have pulled on the Internets. But this one takes the cake. Check out the details on how you can become a Pokémon Master at Google after the break.

After first watching this video, I figured it was just another funny bit Google put together in cahoots with Nintendo and Pokémon to promote Google Maps. Did they really spend time to integrate 150 Pokémon throughout the world and create a Pokédex? They’ve done silly videos about new products like Google Nose or shutting down YouTube, but this time they have actually followed through on their word – partly.

While the augmented reality part isn’t real, nor the chance to become a Pokémon Master at Google – or as far as we know since the date for their internal Pokémon battle has not taken place yet – the chance to catch 150 Pokémon from various editions on Google Maps is. And it is brilliant marketing.

There may be many smartphone users have who have downloaded Google Maps on their phone and just use the stock app that came with it, so this is the perfect ploy to gain more downloads of the free app. Not only is this a great way to convert users, but the Pokémon Challenge is also a unique and smart way to get users to learn how to play around on the app to learn its functions. All 150 Pokémon are in forests, on mountains, in big cities, or even in big bodies of water. It’s up to you to be the very best, like no one ever was.

I have already caught 68 myself. They tend to be in big cities and major landmarks. Good luck!

(Click the thumbnails below to enlarge the images)

Google has also offered an official disclaimer for the Pokémon Challenge:

“Side effects of the Pokémon Challenge may include extreme excitement and a sense of accomplishment. Do not operate the Pokémon Challenge in Google Maps while driving or operating heavy machinery. Our hiring committee must first battle to determine who can best judge the Pokémon Master. The battle date has yet to be set. So the role of Pokémon Master is not yet available.”

The Pokémon Challenge ends on April 2 at 2pm PST for anyone who is determined to catch them all. If you want to be a Blue, Reddit and the Pokémon Wikia has the complete list of all of the Pokémon locations.

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Source: Google YouTube & Google Asia Pacific Blog [via The Verge]

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