New Pixar Short ‘Lava’ Teaser Trailer Burns with Desire [21 Screenshots]

Pixar Lava Short Movie Screenshot Volcano 4

At this point, after the studio’s prestigious 20 year history, audiences have come to expect cute little shorts before any Pixar film begins. Enter Lava, Pixar’s latest short founded on a love story of a volcano. That’s right, this short is going to be a hot one and you’ll be able to see it in front of the highly anticipated Inside Out next summer. Watch the teaser for this short after the break.

I don’t know about you, but I find this little teaser fairly depressing. Based on the premise, I guess the message we’ll discover is that true love is worth waiting for. Told over the course of a million years, one can assume that due to tectonic shifts in the Earth’s ever evolving terra, this little volcano will one day meet the mountain of death magma he’s been waiting for all his life.

On the bright side, this teaser is beautifully animated. I’m curious to see what will happen throughout the depiction of time, if we’ll see civilizations building on him or what may happen. Will this volcano become inactive and then when he meets his ladycano he’ll blow his load and kill everything living on him? That would be a killer money shot (I’m sorry.)

The one thing I’d put a bet on is that this volcano could eventually form into the islands of Hawaii. I only guess because of the ukulele music. We’ll find out soon enough.

(Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the images)

Here is the official plot synopsis for Lava, courtesy of Pixar:

Inspired by the isolated beauty of tropical islands and the explosive allure of ocean volcanoes, “Lava” is a musical love story that takes place over millions of years.

Directed by James Ford Murphy and produced by Andrea Warren, “Lava” opens in theaters on June 19, 2015, in front of Inside Out.

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Source: Pixar

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