The Netflix Streaming Report: Parks and Rec, Can’t Hardly Wait, The Walking Dead, and More

Now Streaming on Netflix October 2014 Walking Dead Season 4

Welcome to your Netflix Streaming Report for October 2, 2014. After the long week you deserve a relaxing staycation with a bowl of popcorn, a bucket of ice cream, and only your Netflix queue to judge you. This past week, Netflix Watch Instant has been kind enough to supply us with Parks and Recreation (Season 6), Can’t Hardly Wait, The Walking Dead (Season 4), and more, which you’ll find after the break.

Parks and Rec Season 6 Iron Throne

Parks And Recreation (Greg Daniels and Michael Schur) – The absurd antics of an Indiana town’s public officials as they pursue sundry projects to make their city a better place. Starring Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, and Adam Scott

The penultimate season of ‘Parks and Recreation’. A game changer in many ways. It had many serious emotional stakes, energized some of the side character’s subplots, and left the door wide open for new possibilities leading up to the final season. This was a great season of television. (Watch it now)

The Walking Dead (Frank Darabont) Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies. Starring Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yuen, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Emily Kinney, and Danai Gurira

A solid first half, and a decent second half; the fourth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ continued to kill ratings and suspend belief. What this show is capable of getting away with while movies like ‘The Conjuring’ are labeled with an R rating is beyond my comprehension. For those who had their doubts in Season 2, you might want to think about catching up before Season 5 starts on October 12. (Watch it now)

can't hardly wait seth green

Can’t Hardly Wait (Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan) Multicharacter teenage comedy about high school graduates with different agenda of life on graduation night. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Charlie Korsmo, Lauren Ambrose, Seth Green, Peter Facinelli, Donald Faison, and Jaime Pressly

If you missed ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ on streaming back this March, you’re in luck. This is one of the funniest coming of age, romantic, teenage comedies of the late ’90s. With a solid cast and smart, hilarious writing, ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ is at the forefront of its genre. (Watch it now)

Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest (Dean Parisot) The alumni cast of a space opera television series have to play their roles as the real thing when an alien race needs their help. Starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shaloub, and Sam Rockwell

Never give up. Never surrender! Galaxy Quest was so far ahead of its time when it released that no one really knew what to make of it. But now years after its release, a sequel is in talks and it’s the perfect time to revisit this geeky, sci-fi classic. (Watch it now)

Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle (Nora Ephron) A recently widowed man’s son calls a radio talk-show in an attempt to find his father a partner. Starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, and Ross Malinger

For those who don’t like being forced to watch horror movies in October, here’s your best option. Meg Ryan. Tom Hanks. What more could you honestly ask for? (Watch it now)

The Double (Richard Ayoade) [Limited] Rated R [93 min] – A clerk in a government agency finds his unenviable life takes a turn for the horrific with the arrival of a new co-worker who is both his exact physical double and his opposite – confident, charismatic and seductive with women. Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mia Wasikowska, Wallace Shawn, and Noah Taylor

Now I have not seen this movie yet, but I had heard good things. Jesse Eisenberg is definitely a man of his craft for his young age, and a film like this is definitely a great example of his range. (Watch it now)

Team America: World Police (Trey Parker) Popular Broadway actor Gary Johnston is recruited by the elite counter-terrorism organization Team America: World Police. As the world begins to crumble around him, he must battle with terrorists, celebrities and falling in love. Starring Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Elle Russ

AMERICA! Well, you know the rest. (Watch it now)

Be  sure to also check out our big post on the 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming this October to get you in the spirit of Halloween!

Here are more titles that also recently have become available on Netflix Watch Instant:

  • An Affair to Remember
  • Annie (1982)
  • Baby’s Day Out
  • Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
  • Chicken Run
  • The Contender
  • Cool World
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
  • Domestic Disturbance
  • Ernest Saves Christmas
  • Finding Forester
  • The Fly (1958)
  • Gilmore Girls (Seasons 1-7)
  • House Arrest
  • Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  • The Rage: Carrie 2
  • Rescue Dawn
  • Searching for Bobby Fischer
  • Tamara
  • Tombstone
  • The Wedding Planner
  • The Wild Thornberrys Movie
  • Cabin Fever: Patient Zero
  • Killing Them Softly (Don’t waste your time)
  • Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
  • The Conspirator
  • Bad Grandpa
  • Comic Book Men (Season 3)
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

What will you be watching this weekend?

Look forward to more new titles from The Streaming Report every Thursday on TTRC. We hope you enjoy!

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