Netflix Streaming Report: Gladiator, The Big Lebowski, Louie, Titanic, 50 First Dates, and More

Netflix Streaming Report Gladiator, The Big Lebowski, Louie, Titanic, Godzilla, and More

Welcome to your Netflix Streaming Report for April 2, 2015. After the long week you deserve a relaxing staycation with a bowl of popcorn, a bucket of ice cream, and only your Netflix queue to judge you. This past week, Netflix Watch Instant has been kind enough to supply us with The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, The Big Lebowski, Gladiator, Titanic, Louie (Season 4), and many more this month, which you can find after the jump.

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (Mami Sunada) Unrated [118 min] – Granted near-unfettered access to the notoriously insular Studio Ghibli, director Mami Sunada follows the three men who are the lifeblood of Ghibli – the eminent director Hayao Miyazaki, the producer Toshio Suzuki, and the elusive and influential “other director” Isao Takahata – over the course of a year as the studio rushes to complete two films, Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises and Takahata’s The Tale of The Princess Kaguya. Starring Hayao Miyazaki, Hideaki Anno, Joe Hisaishi, Goro Miyazaki, Toshio Suzuki, and Isao Takahata

Spirited Away. Howl’s Moving Castle. Ponyo. Princess Mononoke. My Neighbor Totoro. This is one of the greatest filmmaker-animators of all time. Nuff said. (Read my full review here)

(Watch it now)

Louie (Season 4) (Louis C.K.) Rated TV-MA [22 min] – The life of Louis CK, a divorced comedian with two kids living in New York. Starring Louis C.K., Hadley Delany, and Ursula Parker

If you want an honest view on life, love, and living in New York, Louis C.K. delivers in full with his hit show. Truly hilarious.

(Watch it now)

Nurse (2014) (Douglas Aarniokoski) Rated R [84 min] – By day Abby Russell is a dedicated nurse, someone you wouldn’t hesitate to trust your life with. But by night, her real work begins…using her smoldering sexuality she lures cheating men to their brutal deaths and exposes them for who they really are. When a younger nurse starts to suspect Abby’s actions and compromises her master plan, Abby must find a way to outsmart her long enough to bring the cheater you’d least expect to justice. Starring Judd Nelson, Katrina Bowden, Paz de la Huerta

I hadn’t seen this when it came out last year, but it looked rather interesting. Fans of My American Mary might want to check this out.

(Watch it now)

Happy Tree Friends (Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, and Kenn Navarro) Rated TV-14 [21 min] – A series of horrible sudden deaths keep happening to a group of creatures caused by themselves doing the most stupid things. Starring Ellen Connell, David Winn, and Warren Graff

I remember watching this warped little cartoon back in the day. It’s very twisted, gross, and absolutely hysterical. Happy Tree Friends is like Itchy & Scratchy but with cute and cuddly animals you feel terrified for.

(Watch it now)

Garfunkel and Oates (Season 1) (Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci) Unrated [23 min] – Garfunkel and Oates stars Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci as both themselves and their musical comedy alter-egos, “Garfunkel and Oates,” following the pair as they try to expand the reaches of their meager celebrity. Well-known on the improv-comedy scene, Micucci and Lindhome met at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA, naming their band for “two famous rock-and-roll second bananas,” Art Garfunkel and John Oates. In eight bite-sized episodes, Riki and Kate skewer taboos and perform tongue-in-cheek songs about their woeful lives as single, late-20-something Los Angelinos. Starring Riki Lindhome, Kate Micucci, and Mike Phirman

These ladies are muy divertido (very funny).

(Watch it now)

The Crazy Ones (Season 1) (David E. Kelley) Rated TV-14 [30 min] – Follows Zach Cropper, a confident and charming copywriter at an ad agency run by Simon and his daughter, Sydney. Starring Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and James Wolk

I’ve not seen this show yet, but I heard it was OK if you want a more lighthearted version of Mad Men in the modern era. Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar make an awesome TV father-daughter combo.

(Watch it now)

Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show (Des Doyle) Unrated [90 min] – A documentary that explores the world of U.S. television showrunners and the creative forces aligned around them. Starring J.J. Abrams, Matthew Carnahan, and Steven S. DeKnight

If you’re interested in the world of television and how a series gets developed, you might want to check out this documentary. It premiered last year at San Diego Comic-Con.

(Watch it now)

50 First Dates (Peter Segal) Rated PG-13 [99 min] – Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment up until he meets the beautiful Lucy. They hit it off and Henry think he’s finally found the girl of his dreams, until he discovers she has short-term memory loss and forgets him the very next day. Starring Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider, Sean Astin, and Dan Aykroyd

With Adam Sandler’s new agreement to create content for Netflix, it would appear that 50 First Dates and other Sandler movies in his catalog are starting to appear on the streaming service. This is definitely in the upper echelon of his filmography. Top five, easily.

(Watch it now)

American Psycho (Mary Harron) Rated R [102 min] – A wealthy New York investment banking executive hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he escalates deeper into his illogical, gratuitous fantasies. Starring Christian Bale, Justin Theroux, and Josh Lucas

Eggshell with Romalian type. What do you think? Nice.

(Watch it now)

The Big Lebowski (Ethan Coen and Joel Coen) Rated R [117 min] – “The Dude” Lebowski, mistaken for a millionaire Lebowski, seeks restitution for his ruined rug and enlists his bowling buddies to help get it. Starring Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, and Julianne Moore

We abide.

(Watch it now)

Braveheart (Mel Gibson) Rated R [177 min] – When his secret bride is executed for assaulting an English soldier who tried to rape her, William Wallace begins a revolt and leads Scottish warriors against the cruel English tyrant who rules Scotland with an iron fist. Starring Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, and Patrick McGoohan


(Watch it now)

The Devil’s Rejects (Rob Zombie) Rated R [107 min] – The murderous, backwoods Firefly family take to the road to escape a vengeful police force which is not afraid of being as ruthless as their target. Starring Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Bill Moseley

A good horror movie to me is one that disturbs, and Rob Zombie definitely accomplishes that here.

(Watch it now)

Driving Miss Daisy (Bruce Beresford) Rated PG [99 min] – An old Jewish woman and her African-American chauffeur in the American South have a relationship that grows and improves over the years. Starring Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy, and Dan Aykroyd

A monumental classic.

(Watch it now)

Gladiator (Ridley Scott) Rated R [155 min] – When a Roman general is betrayed and his family murdered by an emperor’s corrupt son, he comes to Rome as a gladiator to seek revenge. Starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, and Connie Nielsen

Are you not entertained?

(Watch it now)

Godzilla (Roland Emmerich) Rated PG-13 [139 min] – An enormous, radioactively mutated lizard runs rampant in Manhattan. Starring Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, and Maria Pitillo

This ridiculous movie brought us one of the best songs written for a movie of all time. From Puff Daddy nonetheless.

(Watch it now)

The Graduate (Mike Nichols) Rated PG [106 min] – A disillusioned college graduate finds himself torn between his older lover and her daughter. Starring Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, and Katharine Ross

Yes, we are trying to seduce you with Mrs. Robinson. The Graduate is one of the all time greats.

(Watch it now)

This Is Spinal Tap (Rob Reiner) Rated R [82 min] – Spinal Tap, one of England’s loudest bands, is chronicled by film director Marty DeBergi on what proves to be a fateful tour. Starring Rob Reiner, Michael McKean, and Christopher Guest

Crank your television set up to 11 and check out Rob Reiner’s incredible mockumentary.

(Watch it now)

Titanic (James Cameron) Rated PG-13 [194 min] – A seventeen-year-old aristocrat, expecting to be married to a rich claimant by her mother, falls in love with a kind but poor artist aboard the luxurious, ill-fated R.M.S. Titanic. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, and Kathy Bates

Draw me like one of your French girls.

(Watch it now)

Unbreakable (M. Night Shyamalan) Rated PG-13 [106 min] – A man learns something extraordinary about himself after a devastating accident. Starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and Robin Wright

M. Night Shyamalan before he went all M. Night Shyamalan. A wonderful piece of cinema that provides mystery, wonder, suspense, and action. It has really great storytelling that evokes curiosity.

(Watch it now)

Wild Wild West (Barry Sonnenfeld) Rated PG-13 [106 min] – The two best hired guns in the West must save President Grant from the clutches of a 19th century inventor-villain. Starring Will Smith, Kevin Kline, and Kenneth Branagh

And yes.

(Watch it now)

Here’s additional titles that released this past week:

  • Agora
  • American Psycho 2
  • Angela’s Ashes
  • Another Woman
  • Autumn in New York
  • The Beautician and the Beast
  • Beserk: The Egg and the King
  • Beyond Borders
  • Bloody Sunday
  • Blue State
  • Bound
  • The Bounty
  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
  • Buffalo Soldiers
  • Chaos (2002)
  • Cujo
  • Dead Man Walking (1995)
  • Death Wish
  • Death Wish 2
  • Disturbing Behavior
  • Down to Earth (2001)
  • Going Overboard
  • Hercules in New York (1969)
  • Kicking and Screaming (1995)
  • The Last Samurai
  • Lerechaun 2
  • Lerechaun 3
  • Lerechaun 4: In Space
  • Lerechaun 5: In the Hood
  • Lerechaun 6: Back 2 tha Hood
  • The Longest Yard (2005)
  • The Man Who Never Was (1956)
  • Mommie Dearest (1981)
  • National Security (2003)
  • Natural Born Killers: Director’s Cut
  • Nine to Five (1980)
  • Open Water
  • Open Water 2: Adrift
  • The Phantom of the Opera (1989)
  • The Punisher (2004)
  • Racing Stripes (2005)
  • Racing with the Moon (1984)
  • The Reckoning (2004)
  • Remember Me (2010)
  • Saved! (2004)
  • MASH (Season 6-11)
  • This is Spinal Tap
  • Three Kings
  • Unbreakable (2000)
  • Unforgettable (1996)
  • The Sandlot 2 (2005)
  • Frankie & Alice
  • Trailer Park Boys (Season 9)
  • November Man (2014)
  • Turn (Season 1)

What will you be watching this weekend?

Look forward to more new titles from the Netflix Streaming Report every Thursday on TTRC.

Netflix Streaming Report Turn The Right Corner

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