Anime Expo 2018: MY HERO ACADEMIA: TWO HEROES World Premiere

My Hero Academia Movie Review

One of the most highly anticipated events of Anime Expo, the My Hero Academia Movie: Two Heroes world premiere, did not disappoint its fans, many of whom began lining the perimeter of the convention center at 3am in hopes of receiving one of the limited attendee wristbands that would grant access to the event. Set between the second and third seasons of My Hero Academia, the movie takes place on the man made, technologically advanced ‘I-Island,’ which is known not only for it’s impenetrable security system, but for it’s open policy of quirk usage. Check out our review after the jump!

All Might and Midorya travel to I-Island for a quirk convention, where they are joined not only by most of Class 1-A, but also All Might’s college hero partner and daughter, Dave and Melissa. These two new characters quickly find their way into the viewers’ hearts as it is revealed that Melissa had to give up on her dreams of being a hero because she, like Midorya, was born quirkless. However, she doesn’t let this hold her back, and decides to follow in her father’s footsteps to become an inventor, creating support equipment for heroes. When the convention’s robotic security system is hijacked by villains, and the pro-heroes held captive, it is up to Melissa and members of Class 1-A to fight their way through robo-tech and villains to reboot the system.

**minor SPOILERS for “My Hero Academia” season 3 ahead**

One of the highlights of the film is the flashbacks in which we get to see All Might in his college years while studying abroad in Los Angeles. From the moment “My Hero Academia” fans meet All Might in the manga and anime, he is past his prime, injured from his infamous fight with One For All. The only fully powerful version of All Might we know is seen in Midorya’s childhood memories, but being able to see this previously unexplored side of All Might left me with a profound sense of nostalgia; we truly see All Might’s potential as the hero he would become. During these flashbacks, we experience Dave, All Might’s first partner, predicting that they are seeing the first Symbol of Peace. The world does not know what All Might will become, but the audience does, and seeing him battle villains without his trademark limitations was inspiring.

Of course, no hero film would be complete without the final boss battle, and Two Heroes does not disappoint. The true pinnacle of the film is seeing All Might and Midorya fight side by side against the villains. When the movie premiered, the anime had just revealed that the spark of All For One had extinguished in All Might. This movie offers the ultimate team up that will never be seen in the anime or manga, and for fans, it was the emotional experience of a lifetime.

If you missed out on being able to see the movie at Anime Expo, never fear because Funimation is bringing My Hero Academia: Two Heroes to theaters this fall along with new never before seen content! Keep an eye out for where it will be playing in theaters near you.

While you wait, be sure to check out the official trailer below, courtesy of the film’s Japanese distributor Toho:


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