Facebook Adds Private Messages to Instagram After Failed Snapchat Acquistion

Facebook Brings Private Messaging to Instagram After Being Denied by Snapchat

Software updates for mobile apps can be a gift and a curse. Sometimes they may benefit the user with better features; and other times they can bog down the experience. Recently, Facebook attempted to acquire Snapchat for a low sum of $3 billion and was shot down by the picture sharing tycoons. In the wake of said incident, the social media giant has found another route to capture Snapchat’s users by integrating their own form of Snapchat within Instagram. Learn more about this feature and how it affects everyone’s favorite app after the jump. Continue reading

Instagram Announces the Integration of Advertisements

Instagram to incorporate advrtising

Instagram announced this past week that they will begin incorporating advertisements into their app very soon. Although the company claims to believe that the integration of ads will not interrupt the user experience, this may not bode well with some of the apps over 150 million users. Hit the jump to see what you can expect in the upcoming months. Continue reading

Mixbit Challenges Instagram and Vine with its Video Sharing Technology

 Mixbit Challenges Instagram and Vine

If Vine, and now recently Instagram weren’t enough, enter MixBit into the video sharing arena. From the co-founders of YouTube comes the latest instant video-sharing app technology for Apple iOS and soon to be Android. Not only is Mixbit a video sharing app, but it is the first site that allows users to collaborate with each other and remix videos uploaded by the community. Take a look at the rest Mixbit’s features after the break. Continue reading