‘The Purge’ Movie Review: Terribly Frustrating and a big Disappointment

The Purge 2013 Movie Review

Horror has always been the go-to genre that, at its best, can pervert social commentary at lengths that leave you terrified and your mental state vulnerable. Sadly, The Purge dares to dream big, but comes out small when the filmmakers take on the 1%-ers and America’s economy through the lens of a home invasion thriller. But as high concept as The Purge may seem, the message here fails to scratch the surface level of the issues at hand. Continue reading

Would you Survive the Night? Enter to Win ‘The Purge’ Prize Pack Giveaway!

The Purge Movie Prize Pack Giveaway

The Purge is coming in just a matter of days, will you survive the night? And in honor of The Purge coming to theaters, Turn The Right Corner is hosting its very first reader giveaway. Get excited! After the jump, find out how you can enter for a chance to win an exclusive prize pack from The Purge. Continue reading

The Trailer for ‘The Purge’ Suspends all Emergency Services (47 Screenshots)

The Purge Movie Trailer Screenshot Strangers

If on one night every year, you could commit any crime without facing consequences, what would you do? James DeMonaco’s The Purge asks this question to its audience as a test of morality which plagues this alternative universe. One family of four will have to answer that question when they will be tested over the course of one night. Will they survive? Watch the trailer after you hit the jump. Continue reading