Patrick Jean’s Pixels Invade New York City

Patrick Jean over at the studio One More Production created this fun little short, Pixels, that is visually stimulating and a great throwback to great video game classics. As a giant swarm of pixels draw near, more and more video game characters start attacking New York City. From Donkey Kong to Tetris, this short holds nothing back and brings visual effects to great heights on such a little film. I don’t think Steve Wiebe has a chance. Wait no further and go watch this short after the jump!

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T-He: Pac-Man: The Movie Faux Trailer

Someone decided, “Hey let’s create a parody horror live action version of Pac-Man!” It works. This is a pretty eerie take on the classic arcade game and looks like it could be an interesting SyFy channel movie. This is really well done created by a comedy group called Therefore Productions. Perhaps this could lead to the sequel of Ms. Pac-Man.

Pharmaceutical CEO Michael Pacman is forced to take his own dangerous medications in order to survive a maze designed by a sadistic patient out for revenge.

The video after the jump!

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