Retro Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 2

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As many may know, a certain little horror franchise recently released it’s fourth film, Paranormal Activity 4. I was a huge advocate of the first film and like any ongoing franchise, a marathon of each entry is a must. Take a look back at Paranormal Activity 2 with me and see if it withstands the test of horror time or if Paranormal Activity was just  a one-time gimmick. Continue reading


Official Paranormal Activity 2 Teaser Trailer

The first official notice that the Paranormal Activity 2 is still alive and kicking came out tonight with the first teaser trailer. This movie has been kept really secretive and no one really knows how the production is going or the exact premise to where this film is going to go. By the looking at the trailer, it appears it is in the same house, but with new owners and heavy security cameras. At the very end of it, it would appear that Katie is back for unfinished business perhaps? What’s really creepy, taking a few looks at it, when Katie appears, the baby shows up in the reflection of the mirror, but not in the crib; well played sir. Who knows. I hope this film can do what its predecessor had done, but I’m sure this movie will put butts in seats after Oren Peli’s low budget Paranormal Activity being a phenomenon. Check out the short teaser trailer after the jump!

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