2012 Summer Olympic Games – Women’s Volleyball Schedule and Results

London 2012 Summer Olympic Games Womens Volleyball

The United States, Brazil, Russia, and Great Britain who are participating in the men’s volleyball tournament at the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games will have a shot at the gold in the women’s volleyball tournament. The competition is just as tough with Italy, Russia, China, and the United States on top of the groups. But there is still room for Japan, Korea, GB, and Brazil to come back. Continue reading

2012 Summer Olympic Games – Men’s Volleyball Schedule and Results

London 2012 Summer Olympic Games Mens Volleyball

Men’s volleyball began yesterday for the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games with some pretty one-sided victories. Besides Italy losing to Poland 1-3, all the other teams have been able to seal wins in three matches. Volleyball is a very technical game, which holds tons of strategy and physical endurance. It won’t be so easy from here on out. I for one couldn’t dive elbows first into the ground. Preliminary matches will be held until Monday, August 6, check out the full schedule and results after the jump.  Continue reading