Box Office Battlefield: G-Force, The Orphan, and The Ugly Truth

Hellllllllllllloooooooooooooooo, Here are the movies that have come out this weekend that you should probably see……………………

G-Force – (Will Arnett, Penélope Cruz, Zach Galifianakis) You probably shouldn’t see this, but it comes out this weekend. Althought Galifianakis is good, a movie about secret agent guinea pigs is so dumb. Skip it.

The Orphan(Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman) DUMB, and I like horror films. This just has stupid written all over it. The plot is just such a horrible concept. Horror scripts must be running dry other than the remakes and Saw sequels. Skip it

The Ugly Truth – (Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler) I like Butler and dislike Heigl’s high strung attitude, but this movie looks pretty good. I think the concept and story is funny. Although it does look like a predicitable rom/com, I’d say it has something original about it that will make it fun to watch. See it

The Answer Man(Jeff Daniels, Lauren Graham, Lou Taylor Pucci) Beats me what this is, I just heard about it when putting it down right now. A reclusive author of a well-known spiritual guidance book falls for a sensible chiropractor and learns some important life lessons as he begins to face the public and his past. This little hidden romantic/slight comedy looks ok, heartfelt and warm, but nothing that makes me jump out of my seat. Rent it.

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