Quick Notes 5


Here we go with some quick notes again. Quick Notes are articles and blips that I do not feel on typing out full news that could just be viewed in shorts because there is just not enough time in the day to possibly touch on everything in full. They are all just a bunch of random hooblah of sorts that fell into this little section of fun and goodness after the jump: Stories of Pirates 4, Transformers 3, TMNT, and more!


• Producers claim that the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie will be DARK – “Our point of view is this: go back and look at the original Turtles comics. They are very dark. The audience is much more sophisticated than they were in 1990. This is 2009. Take the new Harry Potter for example. It is rated PG and it’s still a very dark film. We are headed that direction,” Galen Walker said. (First Showing)


Wanted 2 starts filming next year. We already know that James McAvoy is back as Wesley Gibson, but in case there was any hesitation, Timur confirmed during the panel for Shane Acker’s 9 today that he is back and and that they’re preparing to shoot in the next few months. (SHH!)

johnny depp pirates of the caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will start shooting Spring 2010. “We’re going to shoot ‘Pirates 4’ in April or May of next year,” Oren Aviv told us during our interview. “We are going to release it hopefully in 2011 is the plan.” He said that this time they would only be doing one movie this time that would “hopefully be the first of another trilogy.” (CS.net)

Hot Tub Time Machine red band trailer. Directed by Steve Pink, the film stars John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Lizzy Caplan, Crispin Glover, Sebastian Stan, Charlie McDermott and Chevy Chase.


• A Jonah Hex one sheet appears at Comic Con (STYD)

• An interview with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura was held about the future of Transformers 3. “Unicron worries me because it’s so big that it dwarfs emotion. It’s so hard, because when you’re working to that scale, it sort of becomes outside any kind of human reality you have. It’s obviously a great character, and one that we’re definitely going to talk about, but for me personally – and I’m not the only vote here – that one scares me. Because of its size, it becomes sort of impersonal when it gets to that scale. I remember seeing the second Fantastic Four and Galactcus, and suddenly I was in another world and it took it away from the human characters.” – LdB (RottenTomatoes)

• The Hills Run Red trailer debuts and will be out on DVD Sept 29th.


• A teaser poster for Legion has appeared. Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson, Charles Dutton and Doug Jones star in director Scott Stewart’s apocalyptic tale about a group of people holed up in a diner defending themselves from angels who have been sent by God to wipe out the human race. (STYD)


• The description of what A Nightmare on Elmstreet teaser trailer had to offer from its showing at SDCC. (STYD)

The trailer starts with Freddy (still alive) being chased down a dark street by the mob that winds up killing him. He’s shouting that he’s innocent, but the mob corners him and burns him alive. As the flames come around him, he tears off his jacket, revealing the iconic sweater. We hear the “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you” song being sung by children and flashes of kids all around a graveyard. One little girl has the claws slashed across her dress.

There’s a girl in her room, reaching for something on a shelf and suddenly’s Freddy’s head is there, staring at her from behind. A number of kids are shown, obviously under the effect of Freddy’s dream powers. One seems to be having a seizure on a rooftop and another is trying to burn herself with a car cigarette lighter.

There’s a basement, filled with pipes and Freddy moving through the darkness, getting closer and closer to the camera between flashes of victims before the logo comes up.


A Jonah Hex trailer description also was written from the SDCC. (STYD)

We’re told about Jonah Hex as we see him and someone asks how he got his scar. He says that he’s never told anyone the story, though we see a flash of him being branded. A voice tells us that, since then, he’s walked with one foot in life and one foot in death.

There’s a magical/vooddoo quality to some of the shots, including a live crow crawling out of Hex’s mouth.

Hex is approached by a government official who tells him that, because of his expertise at killing, the US has need of his services. There’s a fantastic shot of Michael Fassbender sitting on a train track with a dynamite plunger in a long, quiet scene where he whistles, waiting for the train. (Fassbender explained in the panel that his character came a lot from Alex in A Clockwor Orange and it’s very easy to see on-screen.)

There’s a lot of Megan Fox. One guy grabs her and says, “I own you.” She knocks him down and says, “Never was much for being owned.” We see her doing a lot of fighting and there’s a shot of her from behind, nude with Hex in bed.

There’s a bunch of explosions, including the train and Hex riding in on a horse with machine guns mounted on the side. There’s a bunch of Hex scar comments, including one guy asking how he got it and Hex responding, “I’ll show you.”

The title comes up with just the letters “JH”, which turns into the full logo. Post-title, there’s a scene of another guy asking what happened to his face. Hex says, “I cut myself shaving”, shoves an axe in his head and says, “What happened to yours?”

The film definitely has a big, big look to it, despite a relatively small budget. Production value is surprisingly good.


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