Review: Paper Heart

film review smallThe love movie about a documentary about love. This quirky little indy film was a delight to see and suggest you see it when it comes to theaters. This film starred and was written by Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up, the high asian girl). This movie also starred Jake M. Johnson and Michael Cera. Charlyne and Michael both use their own names as characters except for Jake who goes by Nick in the movie who plays the director.

Now I won these tickets for an advanced screening thanks to Ain’t It Cool News. Let me tell you that I did not get to see the first 15-20 minutes of the movie because the Billy Joel/Elton John concert at Wrigley Field, which took almost a two hour trip from the Southside to Belmont. But besides from the ridiculousness of the traffic, more shenanigans were to come. So, my friend Ellie and I got to the advanced screening and they said they ran out of tickets because they overbooked it, but the couple next to us refunded their tickets; how fortunate for us.

To begin, this movie is about Charlyne “Chuck” Yi a young girl who wants to know what love is because she doesn’t believe in it. She goes out and starts a documentary with her film crew interviewing individuals and couples about their views on love. The documentary takes a turn of events when Charlyne meets Michael Cera. I am not exactly sure how they meet because I missed the first minutes of the film, but I don’t think that detaches anything from the story. There is a relationship that develops between Charlyne and Michael, which Nick and the film crew find it beneficial now for the documentary to also focus on what happens between the two of them. As their relationship grows, more pressure seems to be put onto Chuck and Mike for the documentary. There are events where Michael and Charlyne try to escape the chaos of the cameras. Along the way, Charlyne goes across the country, even a trip to Paris, to discover what love is for the sake of the documentary.

This movie gets an “A” for creativity for intertwining a filming of a documentary within a movie. This movie had a hint of When Harry Met Sally to me as they interviewed a lot of real couples of how they met and fell in love. They started in California interviewing people and moved their way through the South up to New York, where they ultimately went to Paris. The fun part of the couple’s stories is that Charlyne actually took the time to produce puppets to reenact the stories since we can’t be there to witness how it actually happened. It was cute and gave a good visual to a story instead of just showing people talking.

There is a lot more to this story than just a documentary. There is a lot of character shown between the relationship of Charylne and Michael. Between the two of them struggling to cope with their feelings and being in the documentary poses a lot of controversy throughout the film. It is a cute little flick that will put a place in your heart for Charlyne as she proves that she can act and write as well. It may not be the best shot film since it is filmed as a documentary, but you get past that since its like a documentary in the first place. Michael Cera puts in his little cute comments he makes from time to time as he does in every film he’s in, but it doesn’t ruin anything. Cera and Yi also produced a lot of the music that was throughout the film.

Paper Heart doesn’t bore or drag on, but impresses and sticks with you after the film ends. It is a great indy romantic/comedy/documentary that you should definitely check out. It shouldn’t disappoint unless you don’t like these kind of small independent films. This film is entertaining, funny, and different from most love stories, which makes it a great film. Paper Heart delivers a great movie about finding out what love is and you will fall in love with this movie.

I will give Paper Heart: 4/5

paper heart

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