No Strings Attached Red Band Trailer

Attempting to ignite some fire under this untraditional relationship RomCom and strike some buzz away from Friends With Benefits, Paramount has decided to release their own red band trailer for Ivan Reitman’s (Meatballs; Ghostbusters; Year One) No Strings Attached. This is a funny trailer, but was it the right move? Check out for yourself after the jump to see just how raunchy this movie will get.

No Strings Attached stars Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Greta Gerwig, Mindy Kaling, Olivia Thirlby, Kevin Kline, Cary Elwes, Lake Bell, Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges, and Jake Johnson releasing in theaters January 21st!

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Review: Paper Heart

film review smallThe love movie about a documentary about love. This quirky little indy film was a delight to see and suggest you see it when it comes to theaters. This film starred and was written by Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up, the high asian girl). This movie also starred Jake M. Johnson and Michael Cera. Charlyne and Michael both use their own names as characters except for Jake who goes by Nick in the movie who plays the director.

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