Simpson’s Did It!


Apparently Houston might take a page from the Simpson’s book from their film with their giant dome technology. Here at SciFi Squad, they talk about how the Discovery channel looked into the possibility to help the city protect itself from violent storms and heat. More information below thanks to the Discovery Channel Website:

— The structure is made of hexagons stacked in a honeycomb pattern. But to make the surface curve, 12 pentagons are strategically positioned to give the surface a dome shape.

— Massive doors can be closed to insulate the city from hurricanes and other inclement weather. A concrete foundation ring 3.1 miles around anchors the dome deep into the ground.

— Because of the height and size of the dome, cranes and scaffolding aren’t practical. Engineers are planning on using heavy-lift helicopters and a new type of helium-filled dirigible to move pre-assembled pieces to the top of the 1,500-foot high dome.

— The Houston dome’s surface area will stretch over 21 million square feet, making it the biggest structure with the largest roof in the world. More than 369,000 narrow steel struts form the frame, and almost 75,000 of them could fail before the dome becomes unstable.


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