Reflecting on 1000 Posts – Where Do We Go From Here?

Turn the Right Corner 1000 Posts

On June 3, 2009, I embarked on a journey into the deepest reaches of the Internets – birthing what would now become, as you know it, Turn The Right Corner. Never having the intention to making it a fully-fledged website, TTRC has now grown to heights I never anticipated. Three and a half years later, the 1000th post has arrived. Keep reading to see what has, is, and will become of Turn The Right Corner. Continue reading

2012 Black Friday Deals – Target

2012 Black Friday Deals Target

Anyone looking to capitalize on deals even earlier this year will be embraced by the loving red and khaki arms of Target. Forget spending the holidays with your family, indoors, enjoying delicious turkey and mashed potatoes, Target is opening their doors at 9pm on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22. See the multitude of their Black Friday deals after the break. Continue reading

2012 Black Friday Deals – Best Buy

2012 Black Friday Deals Best Buy

‘Tis the season, once again, to prepare your wallets for Black Friday on November 23. In an effort to prove who has the larger cojones, retail outlets and online stores are announcing their Black Friday sales prices early this year. Previous years we have had to scour the Internet hoping to find leaked ad flyers, but not this year. Retailers are more generous than ever, so we might as well embrace it with open arms! After the jump take a look at the Black Friday deals at Best Buy. Continue reading

Bad Movie Going Etiquette is Not a Myth – How I Almost Got Into a Scuffle During ‘Fun Size’

Fighting Over Movie Etiquette

Every now and again, you’ll hear the headline, “Movie goer stabbed/shot for telling someone not to talk/text during a movie.” Although those are extreme cases, I’ve never really considered this to be something I would have to worry about. The theaters I attend are pretty tame. They are not in rural areas known for violence or are rundown where only shady patrons watch movies. But knowing my luck, I should have predicted something silly was bound to happen one of these days. Continue reading

RIP Tony Scott – Director of ‘Top Gun’ Commits Suicide [Updated x2]

Tony Scott Suicide

Tragically depressing news has just hit the fan as Hollywood mourns the loss of famed director Tony Scott, brother of Ridley Scott. This news comes as a shock to everyone as he committed suicide by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island around 12:30pm PST today. His body was recovered four hours later along with a suicide note found in his car near the bridge. Tony Scott was 68 years old at the time of his passing. Read on to find out more updates. Continue reading

Comic-Con 2012: Sunday Schedule

Comic-Con 2012 Sunday Schedule

And on the last day, Stan Lee said, “Let thy rest.” After three full days of rubbing elbows with sweaty Hobbits, listening to unproportioned Batman’s growl, and seeing more slave Leia’s than Jabba’s sail barge, Sunday during Comic-Con is a day of re-cooperation.  There aren’t any really big names appearing on Sunday other than BBC’s Doctor Who, FX’s Sons of Anarchy, and an overview of the 15-year history of Harry Potter. But if you’re interested in going, we’ve got the schedule for Sunday here.  Continue reading

Comic-Con 2012: Saturday Schedule

Comic-Con 2012 Saturday Schedule

Today is a big day in film for Comic-Con 2012, bigger than Thursday and even bigger than Friday. Saturday hosts panels for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Iron Man 3, Django Unchainedand Man of SteelThere basically wouldn’t be any other reason to go to Comic-Con than this day. This day is huge. But what else can we expect to see? Take a look after the jump where you can find some big stuff from video games, television, and more!  Continue reading

Comic-Con 2012: Friday Schedule

Comic Con 2012 Friday Schedule

As my psychic abilities hone in, the above picture is in reference to what will happen during Friday’s Comic-Con panel for The Walking DeadSony Entertainment is in force this Friday with Total Recall, Elysium, and Looper! But AMC will fight back if TWD isn’t enough with their Breaking Bad panel. Lots of good stuff all around, check out after the jump what else is in store!  Continue reading

Comic-Con 2012: Thursday Schedule

Comic Con 2012 Thursday Schedule

Here we are. The Big Kahuna. It will begin on this day, Thursday, July 12. With Preview Night offering a taste of the con, the real deal is here. Could the Mayans be right? Could this be the last Comic-Con ever? Well if it is, I better make the most out of it! Comic-Con is a smorgusbord of all things geek ranging from comics and gaming to film and television. There are many panels, seminars, and tons of hands-on playtime for any nerds freak flag to fly high. Let’s check out Thursday’s schedule shall we! Continue reading

Comic-Con 2012: Preview Night Schedule

Comic Con 2012 Preview Night

Tis the night before the night before Comic-Con 2012. There has already been one tragic death of a Twihard, and let’s hope we won’t see any instances that escalate to that level of madness. (We all remember the pen stabbing of 2010.) But I digress. Festivities begin tomorrow night with sneak peaks of the convention before the big show. Preview night can get a bit crazy, and there are a few TV pilots that will air screenings as a special treat.  Continue reading