Review: Saw VI

film review smallSaw VI, where do I even begin with this one? But you got to hand it to them for coming this far and still creating interesting stories. You may be thinkin, “come on, why would I want to see this film, especially after Saw V was such a dud?” Believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, Saw VI kept with the punches and surprisingly did not disappoint. You skeptics out there keep an open mind as this is a redemption for the franchise and it definitely is here to stay.

One may wonder how has this franchise kept going? Well, let me tell you, through carefully placed plot lines and very delicate detail to character. I’m not saying that these characters are incredible or the stories are in fact reasonable with great logic. All I am saying is that these writer’s know how to weave intertwining story arcs with the best of them. Even from the beginning, Saw VI plays out little twists and turns to get you a tad bit excited about where this movie was heading. We even get to see the winner of VH1’s Scream Queens, Tanedra Howard, in her debut role. She wasn’t too shabby, but hey, its a horror film, we can’t expect miracles or award winning performances.

Where we have left off from the fifth film is with Detective Matt Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) cleaning up his trail in hopes of being the last man standing out of all of this mess. Leave it up to these writers to keep the ball rolling as FBI agents are still skeptical about who the second Jigsaw accomplice is. There are no cheap tricks with plot that just completely ruin anything, but there is a tad bit of sloppiness. John Kramer aka Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) and Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith) do show up in this story, but only as flashbacks. Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell) is also brought into this as she fulfills John’s last request and we get to see what was in the box. This story follows an health insurance exec named William (Peter Outerbridge) who must face his occupational decisions and moral standards of life.

Along with a slew of characters to follow, the story was quite clever. I liked the modernization of it, keeping with the times of current social issues in America. Saw VI is a combination of Michael Moore’s Sicko with a plethora of typical Saw terror up its sleeve. Believe it or not, tying in the relationship of health care and human lives was pretty ingenious and a different step to what the past films have focused on. Most of the films focus on the cherishing of life and not taking it for granted. This movie has upped the ante and delved into the idea of who is to decide who lives and who dies. It also takes a great look into the writer’s ideas of health care decisions of who is worthy of coverage and the outcomes. The human bodies will to live is tested to show how much it can sustain compared to how long an insurance executive think it will live.

Like all Saw films, it is equipped with traps among traps. They were good, but I have definitely seen better. I felt like they didn’t try to own up to what the franchise was about from the beginning and was just killing off people for a gore factor. From the beginning people have been tested to prove their life’s worth and learn from their mistakes. In this film there just seems to be a lot of puppets that die that do not learn anything. The only time I can think of this such incident happening was in the first film when Amanda killed a random guy to survive herself, but that other guy just died for no cause other than Amanda’s. So basically my point is, these traps are blatant kills only helping a few when others die in the process for no reason.

And what’s a Saw film without flashbacks! With the flashbacks shown in this film, it really does help the story and fill many gaps within the other films. I liked the fillers that these flashbacks provided and they were almost like “behind the scene” shots from the older films. They do show a lot of character interaction and development of how things led to this film, which proved to be a great aspect of why Saw VI redeems itself.

To think that this is has gone on to now six films is quite ridiculous, but in the same sense quite impressive. No other horror film has lasted this long without going straight to DVD, unlike Halloween, A Nightmare on Elmstreet and Friday The 13th, and I give them props. The cinematography was a lot better than the fifth film; going back to ways like Saws II-IV. It is not a work of art, but it was pretty slick with reviving new life into the franchise. If people keep going to see the films then the writers will keep trucking along bringing you one film after another. They did leave this open for another and its already set in stone that there will be Saw VII, VIII, and IX, but I really hope they just start a new. They need to move on with new characters. I doubt Amanda and John Kramer story arcs will be fulfilled anymore because Saw VI ended things very well and tied a lot of things together to bring it to one culmination. This was a good entertaining film where I could just walk away and be satisfied how things ended up. I just wonder, what’s next?


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