Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2009

After the huge success of it’s first edition in 2008, the Lausanne Street&Bowl Contest reached new heights thanks to the amazing engagement of the LSNR Crew. The second edition took place at the very old and well known HS 36 Skatepark which was, again, renovated for the occasion.
A huge wall, and a rail fixed on a car were the two main spots where skaters from France, Italy, Holland, US, UK, … laced the most amazing tricks with the aim of winning the 1’500.- CHF.

The following EDIT brings you the highlights of these 3 hot summer days, where intence skating, partying, chilling and the StreetBowl ROLLERDISCO were the ingredients of this uprising swiss contest which included amateur, girls, and pro categories.

Featured skaters: Lee Devereux, Dick Herkens, Diego Guilloud, Robert Guerrero, Stephane De Freitas, Nicolas Schopfer, Adrien Clairaz, Maxime Genoud, Maxime Iangaev, Aurore Costabile, Manon Derriens, Amandine Condroyers, Mihai Bivol, Ramon Wuest, Thomas Setz, Anthony Chrisman, Claudio Böhli, Agostino Polpetta, Florian Rumoz and more.

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